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From Bertrand Vuaridel ...@netsystel.ch>
Subject adding font Futura in fop
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2000 09:35:18 GMT
Hi Jeremias,

I am running into some problems adding futura font into fop:
- I cannot compile the code when I  use t1fontfile.xsl instead of fontfile.xsl
  See the error message below. I do not understand why I get this message because
  getCapHeight() is defined. 
- When I use fontfile.xsl or ( t1fontfile.xsl removing "implements FontDescriptor")
  I can compile and run fop, cocoon etc...
  Furthermore I get the futura fonts in AcrobatReader, really. However:
  -  the spacing between the character is wrong, e.g. separated word are touching.
  -  I get the "bad /BBox" warning in AcrobatReader.
  -  The fonts.fo example modified for futura looks good, with the correct spacing.
     the "j" is just a line and a dot, the "a" is like a o with a right-hand bar etc...
- The same procedure applied to Arial produce a good result (with Adobe fonts), or 
  at least a satisfactory result, however the "bad /BBox"  warning in AcrobatReader 
  also popup.

Note that I am using the fonts from the "Bitstream/Galapagos Design Group" which has .pfm
and .pfb
files  (also .afm and .inf) for postscript. On the client side I installed the fonts from
the same
company. These are the official fonts for this project.


Error message:
 Compiling the sources
class org.apache.fop.render.pdf.fonts.FuturaBook must be declared abstract. It does not define
getCapHeight() from interface org.apache.fop.layout.FontDescriptor.
    [javac] public class FuturaBook extends Font implements FontDescriptor 
    ... + other similar errors related to other methods

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