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From Alex McLintock <ale...@yahoo.com>
Subject FAQ-O-Matic available for your use.
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2000 21:50:08 GMT

 I have finally gotten around to setting up that Apache Jyve based FAQ-O-Matic that I promised
 weeks ago. You can use it at the wonderfully easy to remember URL :
 Please register, and add information to the FAQ.
 This is a temporary stop gap measure until someone is able to fix
 the main Apache FAQ on the Apache website.
 I am not sure whether it is possible to transfer a FAQ from one instance of Jyve to another
 but at the worst we could do it manually.
 Any questions (like "why has it died?") email me at this address.
 * You have to register before you can add questions and answers.
 * Someone (me) has to approve new info for release before it is made public.
   This is essentially to keep swearwords off the site. I will try to do this
   every few days, but feel free to email me if you want to speed this up.
 * Its not the fastest website in the world. 

Alex McLintock
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