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From "Peter S. Housel" <hou...@acm.org>
Subject Re: FopImage interface - proposal
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 20:27:31 GMT
> Here is my proposal for the image package.

> In fact, I remove dependencies with PDF stuff. The FopImage implementing
> classes return image data as a BufferedImage (I like it because it
> everything, but it could be a RenderedImage), and can give access to the
> image InputStream to include the image content "asis".
> The only properties that this interface provides and gives access to is
> image Mime Type, and the image size (width and height in pixels).
> Maybe we could include properties like dpi, if supported by the image
> type...

I think this looks good.  I think that the getImage() should support
retrieving the image by rows or bands so that it's not necessary to keep the
whole image in memory.  A method could be provided for retrieving a natural
band size for the image format to minimize the overall memory requirements.

I'd like to write code to allow importing embedded PDF figures like pdftex
and dvipdfm can do.  Would that go through this interface also?

-Peter S. Housel-   housel@acm.org   http://members.home.com/housel/

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