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From "Alex Sanderson" <a...@duke-interactive.com>
Subject Re: fop with internet explorer
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 16:47:25 GMT
I have had heaps of trouble with this problem.  IE seems to interpret it when it feels like
it.  Occassionally, not at all, generally the first time you load the page but not after that.
There are several problems I have found.  With a small pdf returned from a servlet IE would
be perfectly happy but would call the servlet three times.  I sent a cache control saying
to cache the file for up to fifteen seconds and then it is quite happy.  This does not work
for larger pdf's that take longer to generate.  I have been playing around with sending the
http headers at different times but basically it does not work very well.  My final solution
was to save the pdf to disk and do a browser redirect to it.  I now check the pdf when someone
asks for it and if the pdf is more recent that the data that it is based on I just serve the
pdf straight off the disk.  Saves  a lot of processor time to. 


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