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From COFFMAN Steven <SCoff...@CBSINC.com>
Subject RE: XSL, why another language?
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2000 21:51:30 GMT
Stefano said:
> I'm currently playing around with the idea of creating a small
> namespace-driven and incremental-only transformation language for server
> side use that uses the "transformation by example" concept used in a
> couple of papers I found about SGML transformation.

You're always two steps ahead of me. I wrote a python program to take two
XML files and figure out an XSL:T file to generically transform the first
into the second. Right now, it just recognizes which element values match,
and makes the XSLT to get there. I'm not really happy with it, as it goes
psycho with complex stuff. I had been thinking about using DTD/schema
information, but hadn't figured out how yet.

Where's the papers? And how do you find all this buried arcana?

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