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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: XSL, why another language?
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2000 20:10:29 GMT
Nikolai Grigoriev wrote:
> René,
> > However, when reading this stylesheet, I noticed that XSL
> > is just trying to do programming constructs:
> >   <skip/>
> > This is really ugly! It takes us back in time!
> Let's take this example for what it really is: an exagerrated case of
> implementing complex logics in XSL. It is not the right way to build chessgame
> viewers ;-). However, once you understand how it works, you can extend your XSL
> stylesheets to handle some really useful things. I dare suggest you to look at
> the barcode generator on our site [www.renderx.com/Demos/barcode/]: this toy was
> inspired by a real business case, and I think it does make sense to implement it
> completely in XSL.

I agree. BTW, Nikolai, I went over the barcode example and I was
impressed, very nice job indeed!
> > Why don't we figure out a nice Java API, which can do
> > the XSL-translation? And forget about the current XSLT syntax?
> I think it's a matter of taste: I feel myself comfortable with XSLT syntax.

I'm currently playing around with the idea of creating a small
namespace-driven and incremental-only transformation language for server
side use that uses the "transformation by example" concept used in a
couple of papers I found about SGML transformation.

But for sure it's not something that will compare to XSLT.

> Moreover, you can always use Java extension functions from within your XSLT
> code, to perform tasks that are hard to express by templates/immutable
> variables. No need to blame the whole XSLT for its being different from Java -
> it just solves different problems ;-).

Totally agreed. In fact, even this project uses XML + XSLT to generate
java code and it's a very clean approach.
> By the way: have you ever looked at Paul Tchistopolski's XSLScript
> [http://www.pault.com/XSLScript/]? He proposes a Perl-style rewrite of XSLT.
> Best regards,
> Nikolai Grigoriev
> RenderX

It's nice to see friendly competition between the FO projects, it gives
me hope for the future of the format.

Anyway, any future plan to use SVG for the barcode stylesheet? :)

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