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From Keiron Liddle <kei...@aftexsw.com>
Subject Re: Kudos - and request for bookmarks
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2000 10:48:10 GMT
Dave Moyses wrote:

> First, let me say, you guys are doing a great job with FOP. I have achieved
> some great results, creating PDF's that contain nicely formatted reports and
> charts. Well done!
> >From my (limited) perspective two things stand in the way of completely
> satisfying my current requirements; text-alignment in the SVG portion (so I
> can right-justify the x-axis labels on my charts), and bookmarks.

text alignment seems a bit awkward, so it has sort of been left, feel free to
contribute if you have any ideas.

> 1) I can imagine that text-align would be a horrendous thing to implement in
> SVG foreign objects, but how about activating xml:space="preserve", which
> would allow me to fudge a 'poor-mans' text-align="end"

The xml:space="preserve" is currently implemented in the cvs version. This
passes the basic effectivity tests from w3c.

> Best regards,
> Dave

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