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From Karen Lease <kle...@club-internet.fr>
Subject Re: Problems with FOP ContentHandler interface (at fop 0_14_0)
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2000 21:30:18 GMT
Hello Mike,

Are you using the standard 0.14 jar or the latest CVS? I fixed something
that sounds similar to this a while ago (late August), but I think it
may not be in the jar, only in the CVS. With the fix, it should use the
namespace uri and local name and not expect to see fo:xxx.

Good luck,
Karen Lease

Kay Michael wrote:
> I've been upgrading Saxon to drive FOP 14; I see that the FOTreeBuilder
> interface is now a SAX2 ContentHandler rather than a SAX1 DocumentHandler.
> With the current releases of Saxon and FOP, the integration is broken.
> I'm calling startPrefixMapping() to define the namespace declarations but
> the code ignores these calls. It also seems to do nothing with the prefix
> and uri passed on the startElement() call. Instead, it seems to expect
> namespace declarations to be represented as xmlns:xx attributes.
> The SAX2 specification for ContentHandler says: <quote>The attribute list
> will contain attributes used for Namespace declarations (xmlns* attributes)
> only if the http://xml.org/sax/features/namespace-prefixes property is true
> (it is false by default, and support for a true value is optional).</quote>
> Since I'm not a parser, FOP has no opportunity to set this property, so I
> behave in the default way, and don't include namespace declarations in the
> attribute list. The result is that FOP complains that "fo" is an undeclared
> prefix.
> Secondary problem: after startElement() bombs out with this error, my
> clear-up path (foolishly) calls format(). This hits a NullPointerException
> referencing rootFObj, masking all diagnostics for the real error. Since
> format() is a public interface, it should probably be resilient to this
> error.
> Mike Kay

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