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From Ken McKelvey <ken.mckel...@courts.state.wi.us>
Subject Unknown # of pages and static content
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2000 13:41:40 GMT

This is my first time posting a question, but I have found the
ongoing discussion and archives very helpful.

I have a situation where the number of pages in my document is
variable, depending on information stored in a database.  So,
within a given <flow>, there can be 1,2,3.. etc. pages.

I would like to have one header (<fo:static-content
flow-name="xsl-region-before">) on the first page, and a
distinctly different header on the 2nd and subsequent pages.
These headers (1st page vs the rest) will have different content
as well as page positioning.  I think I've figured out how to
position the headers using <page-master-sequence>, but I can't
find a way to change the content of a header (using
static-content) within a single <fo:flow>.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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