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From Arved Sandstrom <Arved...@chebucto.ns.ca>
Subject Re: Docbook and FOP
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2000 21:25:56 GMT
At 07:22 PM 10/10/00 +0200, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>I'm writing my thesis in Docbook and I'd like to print it out using FOP.
>I'm using Norman's XSLT stylesheets to convert Docbook into FO and they
>stretch the XML/XSLT/XSLFO model to its limits.
>So far I got it to work only with the simplest examples and I noted that
>the most striking problem is the extensive use of the <fo:inline>
>formatting object which is not recognized by FOP (because it's not

Point taken. I guess that will be my next project. I agree that <fo:inline> 
is a significant omission.

>For more complex documents that use more or less all important DocBook
>elements, here is the output
[ output snipped, mostly table FOs ]

>Is anybody working on those FOs?

Hopefully Karen can devote some quality time to tables. We all recognize 
this as a high priority.

>but I needed to get going so I removed the table section but still get a
>bunch of
>  WARNING: this version of FOP only supports static-content in
>region-before and region-after
>which is correct, but the latest XSL spec uses "xsl-region-before" and
>"xsl-region-after", why are we still supporting the old names? bug or

Well, obsolescence... The stuff that I committed to the 'fop-0_14_0_regions' 
branch yesterday addresses all of this directly. The support for 
region-name, flow-name, and multiple flows in a page-sequence is according 
to spec. I want to fold the new source into the main branch in a few weeks 
after folks have hopefully tested it some more.

Support for the start and end regions should be forthcoming shortly, also.

>BTW, Norman, what did you use to render your FOs? It's evident that FOP
>was not used for that.
>Does anybody else uses Norman's stylesheets for Docbook with FOP? Am I
>the only crazy guy? :)

Well, you might be the only nut, but at least you tried. :-) One has to 
assume that Norman used FO's that made sense in the real-world: if FOP can't 
handle them then we need to get them done. I'd say the stuff you've 
highlighted is top of the list.


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