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From "Nikolai Grigoriev" <g...@iitp.ru>
Subject Re: XSL, why another language?
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2000 19:19:34 GMT

> However, when reading this stylesheet, I noticed that XSL
> is just trying to do programming constructs:
>   <skip/>
> This is really ugly! It takes us back in time!

Let's take this example for what it really is: an exagerrated case of
implementing complex logics in XSL. It is not the right way to build chessgame
viewers ;-). However, once you understand how it works, you can extend your XSL
stylesheets to handle some really useful things. I dare suggest you to look at
the barcode generator on our site [www.renderx.com/Demos/barcode/]: this toy was
inspired by a real business case, and I think it does make sense to implement it
completely in XSL.

> Why don't we figure out a nice Java API, which can do
> the XSL-translation? And forget about the current XSLT syntax?

I think it's a matter of taste: I feel myself comfortable with XSLT syntax.
Moreover, you can always use Java extension functions from within your XSLT
code, to perform tasks that are hard to express by templates/immutable
variables. No need to blame the whole XSLT for its being different from Java -
it just solves different problems ;-).

By the way: have you ever looked at Paul Tchistopolski's XSLScript
[http://www.pault.com/XSLScript/]? He proposes a Perl-style rewrite of XSLT.

Best regards,

Nikolai Grigoriev

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