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From Art Welch <ar...@EASTPOINT.COM>
Subject RE: JDK 1.1 and images (was : Need help - VERY URGENT)
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2000 17:05:48 GMT
Yup, that would be the JDK 1.2 transparency code problem alrighty...

If you need image support with JDK 1.1, the only (easy) way that I know of
to get it is to download the latest CVS (after the current issues are sorted
out) and then use BMP image files (make sure that you do not have JIMI


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From: nicolas.tisserand@caramail.com
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Subject: Re: JDK 1.1 and images (was : Need help - VERY URGENT)


> I didn't look at the JDK 1.1 problem. Maybe there's some 
minor problems like the use of new methods in the 
java.util.Vector class, but the major problem can be the 
transparency support.

I had problems with images and JDK 1.1.8. I'm using Fop 
0.14 (not the cvs version). The problem came from the class 
GifJpegImage in the function "getImage()".

There is this :

ColorModel cm = consumer.getColorModel();
if (cm.hasAlpha()) {

But the function "hasAlpha()" of ColorModel doesn't exists 
in JDK 1.1.8. This function exists since JDK 1.2

Here was my problem. Perhaps is it the same for you.


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