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From Arved Sandstrom <Arved...@chebucto.ns.ca>
Subject Heads Up on Upcoming Commits
Date Sun, 08 Oct 2000 01:49:20 GMT
Hey, all

I finally managed to get back to FOP - crunch time at work is temporarily over,
and it's a long weekend. I just want to clear the decks to avoid having anyone
check in similar work to what I knocked out in the past few days.

Following on the recent discussions with respect to headers & footers (static
content in fo:region-before and fo:region-after) varying from page to page, I
bit the bullet and implemented:

(1) any number of static contents allowed in page sequence, as per the spec;
(2) arbitrary names permitted for flows, region-name implemented, appropriate
region defaults, etc etc.

I have the example that Hani Elabed and Sebastian Rahtz concocted running OK. I
want to spend a few days testing; I wrote the stuff in a frenzy, it affects
about 5 or 7 different files, and I need to comment everything I did, also.

Hopefully we'll have better header and footer support as a result of this in a
few days. I also hope to go the whole hog in the next week and throw in the
other 2 regions.

If anyone has been working along the same lines, please give me a shout, so we
can reconcile. Thanks.


Senior Developer
e-plicity.com (www.e-plicity.com)
Halifax, Nova Scotia
"B2B Wireless in Canada's Ocean Playground"

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