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From jerem...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: xml-site/targets/fop/dev index.html index.pdf
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 07:15:28 GMT
jeremias    2005/04/06 00:15:28

  Modified:    targets/fop faq.html faq.pdf hyphenation.html
               targets/fop/dev index.html index.pdf
  Update on hyphenation.
  Improvements for status communication.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.41      +104 -73   xml-site/targets/fop/faq.html
  Index: faq.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-site/targets/fop/faq.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.40
  retrieving revision 1.41
  diff -u -r1.40 -r1.41
  --- faq.html	23 Mar 2005 22:07:21 -0000	1.40
  +++ faq.html	6 Apr 2005 07:15:27 -0000	1.41
  @@ -344,8 +344,39 @@
   <div style="margin-left: 15px">
   <p>The short answer is "Don't ask." For more details, see <a href="gethelp.html#limitations">Understand
FOP's Limitations</a>.</p>
  -<a name="N100A1"></a><a name="contribute"></a>
  -<h4 class="faq">1.9. How can I contribute?</h4>
  +<a name="N100A1"></a><a name="next-release"></a>
  +<h4 class="faq">1.9. When is the next released planned?</h4>
  +<div align="right">
  +<a href="#next-release-menu">^</a>
  +<div style="margin-left: 15px">
  +<p> This depends on progress made so it is not possible to predict any dates. However,
we think that at the
  +        current rate of progress we can start releasing again in the second half of 2005.
If you want to speed up
  +        the process, consider to <a href="dev/index.html#involved">contribute</a>
to FOP</p>
  +<a name="N100AD"></a><a name="redesign"></a>
  +<h4 class="faq">1.10. Why did you redesign FOP?</h4>
  +<div align="right">
  +<a href="#redesign-menu">^</a>
  +<div style="margin-left: 15px">
  +<p>The core redesign of FOP was necessary in order to be able to adress following
  +<li>Keeps and Breaks</li>
  +<li>XSL-FO Compliance in general</li>
  +<li>Process Files of Arbitrary Size</li>
  +<li>Minimize Memory Use</li>
  +<li>Table Layout</li>
  +<a name="N100C7"></a><a name="contribute"></a>
  +<h4 class="faq">1.11. How can I contribute?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#contribute-menu">^</a>
  @@ -354,9 +385,9 @@
             There are numerous ways that you can help. They are outlined in the <a href="dev/index.html">Developer's
  -<a name="N100AD"></a><a name="part-running"></a>
  +<a name="N100D3"></a><a name="part-running"></a>
   <h3 class="underlined_5">2. Problems running FOP</h3>
  -<a name="N100B1"></a><a name="no-page-master"></a>
  +<a name="N100D7"></a><a name="no-page-master"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">2.1. I get the error: [ERROR]: 'master-reference' for
         'fo:page-sequence'matches no 'simple-page-master' or
  @@ -379,7 +410,7 @@
             Update your FO documents and style sheets.
  -<a name="N100C0"></a><a name="NoClassDefFound"></a>
  +<a name="N100E6"></a><a name="NoClassDefFound"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">2.2. I get a NoClassDefFound exception.</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#NoClassDefFound-menu">^</a>
  @@ -410,7 +441,7 @@
             for further hints.
  -<a name="N100DB"></a><a name="NoSuchMethodException"></a>
  +<a name="N10101"></a><a name="NoSuchMethodException"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">2.3. I get a NoSuchMethodException or a NoSuchFieldException
   <div align="right">
  @@ -428,7 +459,7 @@
             use a more recent version of Batik.
  -<a name="N100E6"></a><a name="OutOfMemoryException"></a>
  +<a name="N1010C"></a><a name="OutOfMemoryException"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">2.4. I get an OutOfMemoryException.</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#OutOfMemoryException-menu">^</a>
  @@ -438,7 +469,7 @@
             See <a href="running.html#memory">FOP Memory</a>.
  -<a name="N100F2"></a><a name="MalformedURLException"></a>
  +<a name="N10118"></a><a name="MalformedURLException"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">2.5. I get a MalformedURLException.</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#MalformedURLException-menu">^</a>
  @@ -470,7 +501,7 @@
  -<a name="N10124"></a><a name="NullPointerException"></a>
  +<a name="N1014A"></a><a name="NullPointerException"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">2.6. I get an "[ERROR]: null", or a NullPointerException.</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#NullPointerException-menu">^</a>
  @@ -503,7 +534,7 @@
             see more detailed information.
  -<a name="N10139"></a><a name="not-implemented"></a>
  +<a name="N1015F"></a><a name="not-implemented"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">2.7. FOP returns the message "[ERROR] object|property - 'x' is not
implemented yet." When will it be implemented?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#not-implemented-menu">^</a>
  @@ -511,7 +542,7 @@
   <div style="margin-left: 15px">
   <p>See the article "<a href="gethelp.html#compliance">Review FOP's Standards
  -<a name="N10148"></a><a name="fop-hangs"></a>
  +<a name="N1016E"></a><a name="fop-hangs"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">2.8. FOP hangs. FOP does not exit.</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#fop-hangs-menu">^</a>
  @@ -537,7 +568,7 @@
             exec'ing FOP, use the library interface instead.
  -<a name="N1015E"></a><a name="boxoverflow"></a>
  +<a name="N10184"></a><a name="boxoverflow"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">2.9. FOP runs forever, writing lots of "&gt;" to the log.</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#boxoverflow-menu">^</a>
  @@ -554,7 +585,7 @@
             remove keep-with-* properties.
  -<a name="N10166"></a><a name="cannot-find-external-graphics"></a>
  +<a name="N1018C"></a><a name="cannot-find-external-graphics"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">2.10. FOP cannot find a file for fo:external-graphics.</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#cannot-find-external-graphics-menu">^</a>
  @@ -562,7 +593,7 @@
   <div style="margin-left: 15px">
   <p>The src attribute of the fo:external-graphics element requires a URI, not a file
name. See <a href="fo.html#external-resources">External Resources</a> for more
information about specifying URIs.</p>
  -<a name="N10172"></a><a name="fonts-not-found"></a>
  +<a name="N10198"></a><a name="fonts-not-found"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">2.11. FOP does not find my fonts.</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#fonts-not-found-menu">^</a>
  @@ -584,9 +615,9 @@
             link to congfiguration page)
  -<a name="N10180"></a><a name="part-output"></a>
  +<a name="N101A6"></a><a name="part-output"></a>
   <h3 class="underlined_5">3. Problems with FOP output</h3>
  -<a name="N10184"></a><a name="leader-expansion"></a>
  +<a name="N101AA"></a><a name="leader-expansion"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">3.1. Leaders don't work anymore in 0.20.5. Instead of
         filling the line, only three dots or a short ruler is
  @@ -624,7 +655,7 @@
             leader-length.optimum property.
  -<a name="N10198"></a><a name="blank-page-between-page-sequences"></a>
  +<a name="N101BE"></a><a name="blank-page-between-page-sequences"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">3.2. Why does FOP insert a blank page between my page sequences?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#blank-page-between-page-sequences-menu">^</a>
  @@ -650,7 +681,7 @@
             <span class="codefrag">force-page-count="no-force"</span>.
  -<a name="N101B0"></a><a name="graphic-not-displayed"></a>
  +<a name="N101D6"></a><a name="graphic-not-displayed"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">3.3. Why is my graphic not rendered?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#graphic-not-displayed-menu">^</a>
  @@ -682,7 +713,7 @@
  -<a name="N101DA"></a><a name="png-fails"></a>
  +<a name="N10200"></a><a name="png-fails"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">3.4. My graphical images do not work properly.</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#png-fails-menu">^</a>
  @@ -690,7 +721,7 @@
   <div style="margin-left: 15px">
   <p>See <a href="graphics.html">FOP Graphics Formats</a> for a list of
supported formats and related issues.</p>
  -<a name="N101E6"></a><a name="graphic-resolution"></a>
  +<a name="N1020C"></a><a name="graphic-resolution"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">3.5. Why is my graphic rendered at a different resolution than it
was created?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#graphic-resolution-menu">^</a>
  @@ -698,7 +729,7 @@
   <div style="margin-left: 15px">
   <p>See <a href="graphics.html#resolution">Graphics Resolution</a>.</p>
  -<a name="N101F2"></a><a name="keep-with"></a>
  +<a name="N10218"></a><a name="keep-with"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">3.6. Keep-with-next, keep-with-previous, keep-together
         don't work.</h4>
   <div align="right">
  @@ -735,7 +766,7 @@
  -<a name="N10204"></a><a name="table-missing"></a>
  +<a name="N1022A"></a><a name="table-missing"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">3.7. My tables are missing, or missing their content.</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#table-missing-menu">^</a>
  @@ -753,7 +784,7 @@
             fo:table-with-caption elements, so watch out.
  -<a name="N1020F"></a><a name="cells-overflow"></a>
  +<a name="N10235"></a><a name="cells-overflow"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">3.8. Text overflowing table cells and the like is not clipped. Long
           text flows into adjacent cells/block, obscuring stuff there.</h4>
   <div align="right">
  @@ -789,7 +820,7 @@
             archive</a> for how to perform these tasks.
  -<a name="N10231"></a><a name="page-number-align"></a>
  +<a name="N10257"></a><a name="page-number-align"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">3.9. Page numbers are not properly right aligned.</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#page-number-align-menu">^</a>
  @@ -808,7 +839,7 @@
             fixed. Check whether you can upgrade.
  -<a name="N1023C"></a><a name="hyphenation-fails"></a>
  +<a name="N10262"></a><a name="hyphenation-fails"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">3.10. Hyphenation does not work.</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#hyphenation-fails-menu">^</a>
  @@ -820,9 +851,9 @@
   <p>Explicitly enable hyphenation for an appropriate XSL-FO element (fo:block, fo:character):</p>
   <pre class="code">&lt;fo:block hyphenate="true"&gt;</pre>
  -<a name="N10256"></a><a name="part-embedding"></a>
  +<a name="N1027C"></a><a name="part-embedding"></a>
   <h3 class="underlined_5">4. Embedding FOP. Using FOP in a servlet.</h3>
  -<a name="N1025A"></a><a name="servlet"></a>
  +<a name="N10280"></a><a name="servlet"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">4.1. How do I use FOP in a servlet?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#servlet-menu">^</a>
  @@ -832,7 +863,7 @@
             See <a href="embedding.html#servlet">Using FOP in a Servlet</a>.
  -<a name="N10266"></a><a name="servlet-with-xslt"></a>
  +<a name="N1028C"></a><a name="servlet-with-xslt"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">4.2. How do I use FOP in a servlet with an XSLT
   <div align="right">
  @@ -843,7 +874,7 @@
             See <a href="embedding.html#servlet-transform">Using FOP in a Servlet with
XSLT Transformation</a>.
  -<a name="N10272"></a><a name="servlet-xslt-params"></a>
  +<a name="N10298"></a><a name="servlet-xslt-params"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">4.3. How do I pass parameters to the XSLT transformation?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#servlet-xslt-params-menu">^</a>
  @@ -853,7 +884,7 @@
             See <a href="embedding.html#servlet-transform">Using FOP in a Servlet with
XSLT Transformation</a>.
  -<a name="N1027E"></a><a name="servlet-nonstd-fonts"></a>
  +<a name="N102A4"></a><a name="servlet-nonstd-fonts"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">4.4. How do I use my own fonts when running FOP from a
   <div align="right">
  @@ -865,7 +896,7 @@
   See <a href="#usercfg">loading the user configuration file</a> for further
  -<a name="N1028D"></a><a name="servlet-baseDir"></a>
  +<a name="N102B3"></a><a name="servlet-baseDir"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">4.5. How do I set the baseDir property in a servlet environment?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#servlet-baseDir-menu">^</a>
  @@ -875,7 +906,7 @@
             See <a href="embedding.html#config-internal">Setting the Configuration
  -<a name="N10299"></a><a name="usercfg"></a>
  +<a name="N102BF"></a><a name="usercfg"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">4.6. How do I use a user configuration file from a servlet?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#usercfg-menu">^</a>
  @@ -885,7 +916,7 @@
             See <a href="embedding.html#config-external">Using a Configuration File
in an Embedded App</a>.
  -<a name="N102A5"></a><a name="servlet-NoClassDefFound"></a>
  +<a name="N102CB"></a><a name="servlet-NoClassDefFound"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">4.7. I keep getting NoClassDefFound and other exceptions. How do
           get FOP working for various servlet engines?</h4>
   <div align="right">
  @@ -896,7 +927,7 @@
             See <a href="embedding.html#servlet-engine">Servlet Engines</a>.
  -<a name="N102B1"></a><a name="multithreaded"></a>
  +<a name="N102D7"></a><a name="multithreaded"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">4.8. Can FOP be used in multithreaded environments?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#multithreaded-menu">^</a>
  @@ -906,9 +937,9 @@
             See <a href="embedding.html#multithreading">Multithreading FOP</a>.
  -<a name="N102BD"></a><a name="part-svg"></a>
  +<a name="N102E3"></a><a name="part-svg"></a>
   <h3 class="underlined_5">5. SVG specific questions</h3>
  -<a name="N102C1"></a><a name="svg-text"></a>
  +<a name="N102E7"></a><a name="svg-text"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">5.1. The rendering of SVG text in my PDF is of poor quality.
   Can I control this?</h4>
   <div align="right">
  @@ -917,7 +948,7 @@
   <div style="margin-left: 15px">
   <p>See <a href="graphics.html#svg-pdf-text">Placing SVG Text into PDF</a>.</p>
  -<a name="N102CD"></a><a name="svg-headless"></a>
  +<a name="N102F3"></a><a name="svg-headless"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">5.2. How do I use FOP with SVG on headless servers?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#svg-headless-menu">^</a>
  @@ -925,7 +956,7 @@
   <div style="margin-left: 15px">
   <p>See <a href="graphics.html#batik">FOP: Graphics (Batik)</a>.</p>
  -<a name="N102D9"></a><a name="svghangs"></a>
  +<a name="N102FF"></a><a name="svghangs"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">5.3. FOP does not exit if a SVG is included.</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#svghangs-menu">^</a>
  @@ -937,7 +968,7 @@
             System.exit(0) somewhere.
  -<a name="N102E1"></a><a name="svg-url"></a>
  +<a name="N10307"></a><a name="svg-url"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">5.4. I have problems with SVG referring to gradients etc. using
           "uri(#stuff)". I get a MalformedURLException.</h4>
   <div align="right">
  @@ -992,7 +1023,7 @@
   <p>See also <a href="#MalformedURL">MalformedURLException</a>
  -<a name="N1030D"></a><a name="svg-scaling"></a>
  +<a name="N10333"></a><a name="svg-scaling"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">5.5. Why is my SVG rendered at a size different from that specified
in my fo:external-graphic element?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#svg-scaling-menu">^</a>
  @@ -1000,9 +1031,9 @@
   <div style="margin-left: 15px">
   <p>See <a href="graphics.html#svg-scaling">SVG Scaling</a>.</p>
  -<a name="N10319"></a><a name="part-pdf"></a>
  +<a name="N1033F"></a><a name="part-pdf"></a>
   <h3 class="underlined_5">6. PDF specific (includes Acrobat peculiarities)</h3>
  -<a name="N1031D"></a><a name="pdf-embed-font"></a>
  +<a name="N10343"></a><a name="pdf-embed-font"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">6.1. How do I embed fonts in PDF?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#pdf-embed-font-menu">^</a>
  @@ -1013,7 +1044,7 @@
             about embedding fonts.
  -<a name="N10329"></a><a name="pdf-characters"></a>
  +<a name="N1034F"></a><a name="pdf-characters"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">6.2. Some characters are not displayed, or displayed incorrectly,
         displayed as &ldquo;#&rdquo;.</h4>
   <div align="right">
  @@ -1050,7 +1081,7 @@
   <pre class="code">&lt;fo:inline font-family="Helvetica"&gt;&amp;#x2205;&lt;/fo:inline&gt;</pre>
  -<a name="N1034D"></a><a name="pdf-postprocess"></a>
  +<a name="N10373"></a><a name="pdf-postprocess"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">6.3. What tools are available for post-processing my PDF document?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#pdf-postprocess-menu">^</a>
  @@ -1058,7 +1089,7 @@
   <div style="margin-left: 15px">
   <p>See <a href="output.html#pdf-postprocess">PDF Post-processing</a>.</p>
  -<a name="N10359"></a><a name="pdf-security"></a>
  +<a name="N1037F"></a><a name="pdf-security"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">6.4. How do I add security features (encryption, disable printing)
         to my PDF document?</h4>
   <div align="right">
  @@ -1070,7 +1101,7 @@
             See also <a href="output.html#pdf-postprocess">PDF Post-processing</a>.
  -<a name="N10369"></a><a name="pdf-doc-properties"></a>
  +<a name="N1038F"></a><a name="pdf-doc-properties"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">6.5. How do I add document properties (title, author, etc.) to my
         PDF document?</h4>
   <div align="right">
  @@ -1079,7 +1110,7 @@
   <div style="margin-left: 15px">
   <p>See <a href="output.html#pdf-postprocess">PDF Post-processing</a>.</p>
  -<a name="N10375"></a><a name="pdf-watermark"></a>
  +<a name="N1039B"></a><a name="pdf-watermark"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">6.6. How do I add watermarks to my PDF document?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#pdf-watermark-menu">^</a>
  @@ -1087,7 +1118,7 @@
   <div style="margin-left: 15px">
   <p>See <a href="output.html#pdf-watermark">PDF Watermarks</a>.</p>
  -<a name="N10381"></a><a name="pdf-print-contortion"></a>
  +<a name="N103A7"></a><a name="pdf-print-contortion"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">6.7. The PDF is printed contorted!</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#pdf-print-contortion-menu">^</a>
  @@ -1101,7 +1132,7 @@
             settings too.
  -<a name="N10389"></a><a name="pdf-bookmark-display"></a>
  +<a name="N103AF"></a><a name="pdf-bookmark-display"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">6.8. How do I control the Acrobat bookmark display?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#pdf-bookmark-display-menu">^</a>
  @@ -1113,9 +1144,9 @@
               Post-Processing FAQ</a>.
  -<a name="N10395"></a><a name="part-iex"></a>
  +<a name="N103BB"></a><a name="part-iex"></a>
   <h3 class="underlined_5">7. IEx specific stuff</h3>
  -<a name="N10399"></a><a name="iex-servlet-multiple"></a>
  +<a name="N103BF"></a><a name="iex-servlet-multiple"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">7.1. The FOP servlet is called multiple times!</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#iex-servlet-multiple-menu">^</a>
  @@ -1127,7 +1158,7 @@
             for more information.
  -<a name="N103A5"></a><a name="iex-pdf-print-from-browser"></a>
  +<a name="N103CB"></a><a name="iex-pdf-print-from-browser"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">7.2. How do I print PDF directly from the browser?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#iex-pdf-print-from-browser-menu">^</a>
  @@ -1152,9 +1183,9 @@
             See also http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=fop-dev&amp;m=101065988325115&amp;w=2
  -<a name="N103B6"></a><a name="part-input"></a>
  +<a name="N103DC"></a><a name="part-input"></a>
   <h3 class="underlined_5">8. General questions regarding XSLT, XSLFO, and basic XML</h3>
  -<a name="N103BA"></a><a name="fo-center"></a>
  +<a name="N103E0"></a><a name="fo-center"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">8.1. (FO) How do I vertically center an image or a table (or
   <div align="right">
  @@ -1165,7 +1196,7 @@
             See <a href="fo.html#fo-center-vertical">XSL-FO Vertical Centering</a>.
  -<a name="N103C6"></a><a name="fo-center-table-horizon"></a>
  +<a name="N103EC"></a><a name="fo-center-table-horizon"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">8.2. (FO) How do I center a table horizontally?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#fo-center-table-horizon-menu">^</a>
  @@ -1175,7 +1206,7 @@
             See <a href="fo.html#fo-center-table-horizon">XSL-FO Horizontal Centering
  -<a name="N103D2"></a><a name="fo-page-outer"></a>
  +<a name="N103F8"></a><a name="fo-page-outer"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">8.3. (FO) How to get page numbers printed on the "outer side" of
           page (for books, for example)?</h4>
   <div align="right">
  @@ -1186,7 +1217,7 @@
             See <a href="fo.html#fo-oddeven">Recto/Verso Static Content Differences</a>.
  -<a name="N103DE"></a><a name="oddeven"></a>
  +<a name="N10404"></a><a name="oddeven"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">8.4. (FO) How do I use different static content for odd and even
   <div align="right">
  @@ -1197,7 +1228,7 @@
             See <a href="fo.html#fo-oddeven">Recto/Verso Static Content Differences</a>.
  -<a name="N103EA"></a><a name="fo-first-page-header"></a>
  +<a name="N10410"></a><a name="fo-first-page-header"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">8.5. (FO) How do I get a special header on the first page?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#fo-first-page-header-menu">^</a>
  @@ -1207,7 +1238,7 @@
             See <a href="fo.html#fo-first-page">Making the First Page Special</a>.
  -<a name="N103F6"></a><a name="fo-omit-headers"></a>
  +<a name="N1041C"></a><a name="fo-omit-headers"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">8.6. (FO) How do I omit my headers on a blank page? How do I write
         "This page is left blank" on an intentionally blank page?</h4>
   <div align="right">
  @@ -1218,7 +1249,7 @@
             See <a href="fo.html#fo-blank-pages">Blank Pages</a>.
  -<a name="N10402"></a><a name="fo-special-symbols"></a>
  +<a name="N10428"></a><a name="fo-special-symbols"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">8.7. (FO) How do I print an Euro sign, a checkbox or other some other
         special symbols?</h4>
   <div align="right">
  @@ -1229,7 +1260,7 @@
             See <a href="fo.html#xml-special-chars">Special Characters</a>.
  -<a name="N1040E"></a><a name="fo-preformat"></a>
  +<a name="N10434"></a><a name="fo-preformat"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">8.8. (FO) How do I keep linebreaks and hard spaces? How do I get
           preformatted text displayed as expected?</h4>
   <div align="right">
  @@ -1240,7 +1271,7 @@
             See <a href="fo.html#fo-preformat">Preformatting Content</a>.
  -<a name="N1041A"></a><a name="fo-total-pages"></a>
  +<a name="N10440"></a><a name="fo-total-pages"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">8.9. (FO) How do I print the total number of pages, for example "page
         of 12"</h4>
   <div align="right">
  @@ -1251,7 +1282,7 @@
             See <a href="fo.html#fo-total-pages">Total Document Pages</a>.
  -<a name="N10426"></a><a name="fo-region-overlap"></a>
  +<a name="N1044C"></a><a name="fo-region-overlap"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">8.10. (FO) The header overlaps body content. The body extends into
         the footer.</h4>
   <div align="right">
  @@ -1262,7 +1293,7 @@
             See <a href="fo.html#fo-region-align">Aligning Regions</a>.
  -<a name="N10432"></a><a name="fo-lines"></a>
  +<a name="N10458"></a><a name="fo-lines"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">8.11. (FO) How do I get lines in the document, as separators, side
         bars or folding marks?</h4>
   <div align="right">
  @@ -1273,7 +1304,7 @@
             See <a href="fo.html#fo-lines">Drawing Lines</a>.
  -<a name="N1043E"></a><a name="fo-validate"></a>
  +<a name="N10464"></a><a name="fo-validate"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">8.12. (FO) How do I validate my FO document?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#fo-validate-menu">^</a>
  @@ -1283,7 +1314,7 @@
             See <a href="fo.html#fo-validate">Validating XSL-FO</a>.
  -<a name="N1044A"></a><a name="xml-non-breaking-space"></a>
  +<a name="N10470"></a><a name="xml-non-breaking-space"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">8.13. (XML) How do I get a non-breaking space in FO? There are complaints
about &amp;nbsp;.</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#xml-non-breaking-space-menu">^</a>
  @@ -1293,7 +1324,7 @@
             See <a href="fo.html#xml-special-chars">XML Special Characters</a>.
  -<a name="N10459"></a><a name="xml-undefined-entities"></a>
  +<a name="N1047F"></a><a name="xml-undefined-entities"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">8.14. (XML) How do I enter special characters in XML? There are complaints
about undefined entities, such as &amp;uuml;, which work in HTML. </h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#xml-undefined-entities-menu">^</a>
  @@ -1303,7 +1334,7 @@
             See <a href="fo.html#xml-special-chars">XML Special Characters</a>.
  -<a name="N10468"></a><a name="xml-illegal-entities"></a>
  +<a name="N1048E"></a><a name="xml-illegal-entities"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">8.15. (XML) There are complaints about illegal characters and entities
         in the input.</h4>
   <div align="right">
  @@ -1314,7 +1345,7 @@
             See <a href="fo.html#xml-entity-chars">Using HTML Character Names</a>.
  -<a name="N10474"></a><a name="xml-illegal-chars"></a>
  +<a name="N1049A"></a><a name="xml-illegal-chars"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">8.16. (XML) There are complaints about illegal bytes or characters
         the input. There are odd characters in the result.</h4>
   <div align="right">
  @@ -1325,7 +1356,7 @@
             See <a href="fo.html#xml-encoding">XML Encoding Issues</a>.
  -<a name="N10480"></a><a name="xslt-current-date"></a>
  +<a name="N104A6"></a><a name="xslt-current-date"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">8.17. (XSLT) How can I use the current date and time in my document?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#xslt-current-date-menu">^</a>
  @@ -1333,9 +1364,9 @@
   <div style="margin-left: 15px">
   <p>See <a href="fo.html#xslt-date">Current Date and Time</a>.</p>
  -<a name="N1048C"></a><a name="part-help"></a>
  +<a name="N104B2"></a><a name="part-help"></a>
   <h3 class="underlined_5">9. General suggestions. How to solve problems.</h3>
  -<a name="N10490"></a><a name="bugs"></a>
  +<a name="N104B6"></a><a name="bugs"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">9.1. I think I have found a bug in FOP. What should I do?</h4>
   <div align="right">
   <a href="#bugs-menu">^</a>
  @@ -1346,7 +1377,7 @@
             bugs already reported and how to report new ones.
  -<a name="N1049C"></a><a name="postquestions"></a>
  +<a name="N104C2"></a><a name="postquestions"></a>
   <h4 class="faq">9.2. I have questions that are not addressed in this FAQ. Where
         should I post them?</h4>
   <div align="right">
  1.25      +1295 -1213xml-site/targets/fop/faq.pdf
  	<<Binary file>>
  1.11      +12 -3     xml-site/targets/fop/hyphenation.html
  Index: hyphenation.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-site/targets/fop/hyphenation.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.10
  retrieving revision 1.11
  diff -u -r1.10 -r1.11
  --- hyphenation.html	23 Mar 2005 22:07:21 -0000	1.10
  +++ hyphenation.html	6 Apr 2005 07:15:27 -0000	1.11
  @@ -302,8 +302,17 @@
                the environment variable <span class="codefrag">FOP_HYPHENATION_PATH</span>).</li>
   <li>Download the desired FOP-compatible hyphenation pattern file(s) from 
  -             <a class="external" href="http://offo.sourceforge.net/hyphenation.html">OFFO</a>,
  -             them in the directory <span class="codefrag">{fop-dir}/hyph</span>,
and run Ant with build target
  +             <a class="external" href="http://offo.sourceforge.net/hyphenation.html">OFFO</a>,

  +             <ul>
  +<li>place them in the directory <span class="codefrag">{fop-dir}/hyph</span>,
  +<li>or place them in a directory of your choice and set the Ant variable
  +                <span class="codefrag">hyph.dir</span> to point to that directory
  +                <span class="codefrag">build-local.properties</span>),</li>
  +             and run Ant with build target
                <span class="codefrag">hyphenation-jar</span>. This will create
a JAR containing the 
                compiled patterns in <span class="codefrag">{fop-dir}/build</span>
that will be added to the 
                classpath on the next run.
  @@ -333,7 +342,7 @@
  -<a name="N100B8"></a><a name="patterns"></a>
  +<a name="N100C7"></a><a name="patterns"></a>
   <h2 class="underlined_10">Hyphenation Patterns</h2>
   <div class="section">
   <p>If you would like to build your own hyphenation pattern files, or modify
  1.10      +54 -54    xml-site/targets/fop/hyphenation.pdf
  	<<Binary file>>
  1.25      +15 -16    xml-site/targets/fop/dev/index.html
  Index: index.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-site/targets/fop/dev/index.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.24
  retrieving revision 1.25
  diff -u -r1.24 -r1.25
  --- index.html	23 Mar 2005 22:07:26 -0000	1.24
  +++ index.html	6 Apr 2005 07:15:28 -0000	1.25
  @@ -198,7 +198,7 @@
   <a href="#intro">Introduction</a>
  -<a href="#lines">Development Lines</a>
  +<a href="#lines">Development</a>
   <a href="#involved">Getting Involved</a>
  @@ -244,27 +244,26 @@
   <a name="N10022"></a><a name="lines"></a>
  -<h2 class="underlined_10">Development Lines</h2>
  +<h2 class="underlined_10">Development</h2>
   <div class="section">
  -<p>There are currently two lines of development on the FOP product:</p>
  +<p>There are currently two branches of FOP :</p>
  -<li>The oldest is the one that releases are currently generated from, and is also
called the "maintenance branch". Because of limitations in its design, the FOP committers
decided to freeze new development on this branch, and are providing only bug fixes. This branch
is tagged as "fop-0_20_2-maintain" in the CVS repository.</li>
  +<li>The "maintenance branch" is the one that releases are currently generated from,
and is also called the "maintenance branch". Because of limitations in its design, the FOP
committers decided to freeze new development on this branch, and are providing only bug fixes.
This branch is tagged as "fop-0_20_2-maintain" in the CVS repository. Please note that patches
for enhancements to the maintenance branch will generally not be considered. Bug fixes are
welcome there, but new developers are strongly encouraged to apply their efforts to the trunk
development line.</li>
  -<li>The main development line is the future of FOP. It was spawned from the "maintenance"
branch, but had to quickly be "broken" so that the needed redesign could be dropped into place.
It is currently not as mature as the "maintenance" branch, but has far greater long-term prospects.
It is also known as the "root" or "trunk" or "redesign".</li>
  +<li>The main development line is the future of FOP. It is currently not as mature
as the "maintenance" branch, but has far greater long-term prospects. It is also known as
the "root" or "trunk" or "redesign".</li>
  -<p>Please note that patches for enhancements to the maintenance branch will generally
not be considered. Bug fixes are welcome there, but new developers are strongly encouraged
to apply their efforts to the trunk development line.</p>
   <p>Because there is a fair amount of common information between the maintenance and
trunk development lines, we attempt to document them together, highlighting differences only
where needed.</p>
  -<a name="N1003B"></a><a name="involved"></a>
  +<a name="N10038"></a><a name="involved"></a>
   <h2 class="underlined_10">Getting Involved</h2>
   <div class="section">
  -<a name="N10041"></a><a name="apache-roles"></a>
  +<a name="N1003E"></a><a name="apache-roles"></a>
   <h3 class="underlined_5">Understand Apache Roles</h3>
   <p>Review the <a class="external" href="http://xml.apache.org/roles.html">Apache
Project Roles and Responsibilities</a> document for an understanding of the various
roles of contributors within the community.</p>
  -<a name="N1004F"></a><a name="fop-tasks"></a>
  +<a name="N1004C"></a><a name="fop-tasks"></a>
   <h3 class="underlined_5">Understand FOP Development Tasks</h3>
   <p>There are many different ways that you can help with FOP development. The following
is a non-exhaustive list of ways that <em>non-programmers</em> can help. Remember
that an hour spent on the tasks below is an hour that a programmer can devote to fixing bugs
or adding features instead:</p>
  @@ -294,17 +293,17 @@
   <li>Implementing new features.</li>
  -<a name="N10083"></a><a name="fop-standards"></a>
  +<a name="N10080"></a><a name="fop-standards"></a>
   <h3 class="underlined_5">Understand FOP-related standards</h3>
   <p>At the moment FOP is mainly a tool to render XSL-FO files to pdf. Therefore if
you want to contribute to FOP you should become familiar with these standards. You can find
links at <a href="../resources.html#specs">Specifications</a>.</p>
  -<a name="N10091"></a><a name="doc"></a>
  +<a name="N1008E"></a><a name="doc"></a>
   <h3 class="underlined_5">Review the Developer Documentation</h3>
  -<a name="N10098"></a><a name="design"></a>
  +<a name="N10095"></a><a name="design"></a>
   <h3 class="underlined_5">Understand FOP's Design</h3>
   <p>The design for FOP is specified under the <a href="../design/index.html">Design</a>
section. This is where the information on how FOP is developed and designed
   internally will be kept.
  -<a name="N100A6"></a><a name="mail-fop-dev"></a>
  +<a name="N100A3"></a><a name="mail-fop-dev"></a>
   <h3 class="underlined_5">Subscribe to the fop-dev Mailing List</h3>
   <p>Use this forum to discuss topics related to FOP development, including patch submissions,
bug reports, and design issues. Please <em>do not</em> use it for XML support,
XSLT support, XSL-FO support, or even FOP support.
   Appropriate mailing lists for these topics can be found on the <a href="../maillist.html">FOP
Mailing List</a> page.
  @@ -363,7 +362,7 @@
   <div class="label">Note</div>
   <div class="content">The Eyebrowse and MARC archives are currently broken!</div>
  -<a name="N10109"></a><a name="mail-fop-cvs"></a>
  +<a name="N10106"></a><a name="mail-fop-cvs"></a>
   <h3 class="underlined_5">Subscribe to the fop-cvs Mailing List</h3>
   <p>When changes are committed to the code repository, a record of the diffs is emailed
to the fop-cvs mailing list. FOP developers are encouraged to subscribe to this list because
it helps in following the progress of the project.
  @@ -376,14 +375,14 @@
   <li>Subscribe by sending an email to <a href="mailto:fop-commits-subscribe.at.xmlgraphics.apache.org">fop-commits-subscribe@xmlgraphics.apache.org</a>.</li>
  -<a name="N1012B"></a><a name="dev-code"></a>
  +<a name="N10128"></a><a name="dev-code"></a>
   <h3 class="underlined_5">Download and Use the Developers' Code Using CVS</h3>
   <p>Between releases the newest code can be accessed via cvs. To do this you need
to install a cvs
        client on your computer, if it is not already there. An explanation how to connect
to the
        FOP source repository can be found at <a href="http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/repo.html">http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/repo.html</a>.
        An introduction into cvs and the cvs manual can be found in the
        <a class="external" href="http://xml.apache.org/library.html">reference library</a>.</p>
  -<a name="N1013D"></a><a name="patches"></a>
  +<a name="N1013A"></a><a name="patches"></a>
   <h3 class="underlined_5">Submitting Patches</h3>
   <p>If you have useful changes to source code (bugfixes or enhancements), test files,
or documentation that you would like to contribute to the project, please do the following:</p>
  1.19      +145 -145  xml-site/targets/fop/dev/index.pdf
  	<<Binary file>>

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