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From cross...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: xml-site/targets/forrest faq.html faq.pdf
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 05:25:44 GMT
crossley    2003/12/08 21:25:44

  Modified:    targets/forrest faq.html faq.pdf
  New FAQ about version number and echo properties.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.34      +55 -28    xml-site/targets/forrest/faq.html
  Index: faq.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-site/targets/forrest/faq.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.33
  retrieving revision 1.34
  diff -u -r1.33 -r1.34
  --- faq.html	22 Nov 2003 06:14:56 -0000	1.33
  +++ faq.html	9 Dec 2003 05:25:43 -0000	1.34
  @@ -197,7 +197,11 @@
  -<a href="forrestbot.html">The Forrestbot</a>
  +<a href="forrestbot.html">Forrestbot (CVS)</a>
  +<a href="forrestbot-old.html">Forrestbot (stable)</a>
  @@ -463,6 +467,12 @@
  +<a name="version-menu"></a><a href="#version">
  +        How to report which version of Forrest is being used and the
  +        properties that are set?
  +      </a>
   <a name="how_can_I_help-menu"></a><a href="#how_can_I_help">
           How can I help?
  @@ -472,13 +482,13 @@
  -<a name="N100B3"></a><a name="Answers"></a>
  +<a name="N100B8"></a><a name="Answers"></a>
   <div style="margin-left: 0 ; border: 2px">
  -<a name="N100B7"></a><a name="getting_started"></a>
  +<a name="N100BC"></a><a name="getting_started"></a>
   <h4>1. Getting Started and Building Forrest</h4>
   <div style="margin-left: 0 ; border: 2px">
  -<a name="N100BB"></a><a name="overview"></a>
  +<a name="N100C0"></a><a name="overview"></a>
           Where can i read an overview about how to work with Forrest?
         <span style="float: right"><a href="#overview-menu">^</a></span>
  @@ -488,7 +498,7 @@
             See the <a href="your-project.html">Using Forrest</a> guide.
  -<a name="N100C7"></a><a name="cvs"></a>
  +<a name="N100CC"></a><a name="cvs"></a>
           I would rather use CVS so that i can keep up-to-date. How?
         <span style="float: right"><a href="#cvs-menu">^</a></span>
  @@ -499,7 +509,7 @@
             <a href="your-project.html#getting_from_source">Using Forrest</a>
  -<a name="N100D3"></a><a name="checked_out_now_what"></a>
  +<a name="N100D8"></a><a name="checked_out_now_what"></a>
           I have checked out a working copy of xml-forrest CVS, now what?
         <span style="float: right"><a href="#checked_out_now_what-menu">^</a></span>
  @@ -518,7 +528,7 @@
             further step-by-step assistance in getting started with Forrest for your project.
  -<a name="N100F1"></a><a name="cygwin_mutex_error"></a>
  +<a name="N100F6"></a><a name="cygwin_mutex_error"></a>
           When running ./build.sh in cygwin, I get an error:
           cygpath.exe: *** can't create title mutex, Win32 error 6. 
  @@ -530,7 +540,7 @@
               to be a bug in cygwin</a>. Please use the .bat script instead.
  -<a name="N10103"></a><a name="maxmemory"></a>
  +<a name="N10108"></a><a name="maxmemory"></a>
           How can i specify the amount of memory to be used by Java?
         <span style="float: right"><a href="#maxmemory-menu">^</a></span>
  @@ -545,10 +555,10 @@
  -<a name="N10114"></a><a name="technical"></a>
  +<a name="N10119"></a><a name="technical"></a>
   <h4>2. Technical</h4>
   <div style="margin-left: 0 ; border: 2px">
  -<a name="N10118"></a><a name="PDF-output"></a>
  +<a name="N1011D"></a><a name="PDF-output"></a>
   <h5>2.1. How can I generate one pdf-file out of
         the whole site or selected pages of the site?<span style="float: right"><a
  @@ -569,7 +579,7 @@
            structure and navigation, rather than the old book.xml method.
  -<a name="N10127"></a><a name="clickable-email-adress"></a>
  +<a name="N1012C"></a><a name="clickable-email-adress"></a>
   <h5>2.2. How can I generate html-pages show a 
         'clickable' email-address (of the author-element)?<span style="float: right"><a
  @@ -579,7 +589,7 @@
          and edit the "headers/authors" template.
  -<a name="N10132"></a><a name="CVS_revison_tags"></a>
  +<a name="N10137"></a><a name="CVS_revison_tags"></a>
   <h5>2.3. How can I generate html-pages show the
         revision tag of cvs?<span style="float: right"><a href="#CVS_revison_tags-menu">^</a></span>
  @@ -591,7 +601,7 @@
  -<a name="N10140"></a><a name="ignoring_javadocs"></a>
  +<a name="N10145"></a><a name="ignoring_javadocs"></a>
           How do I stop Forrest breaking on links to external files that may not
           exist, like javadocs?
  @@ -631,7 +641,7 @@
  -<a name="N10171"></a><a name="link_raw"></a>
  +<a name="N10176"></a><a name="link_raw"></a>
   <h5>2.5. How do I link to raw files such as config.txt and brochure.pdf?
         <span style="float: right"><a href="#link_raw-menu">^</a></span>
  @@ -644,7 +654,7 @@
             project for a demonstration of this ability.
  -<a name="N1017C"></a><a name="build_msg_a"></a>
  +<a name="N10181"></a><a name="build_msg_a"></a>
   <h5>2.6. What do the symbols and numbers mean when Forrest lists each
           document that it has built?
         <span style="float: right"><a href="#build_msg_a-menu">^</a></span>
  @@ -667,7 +677,7 @@
            Column 4 is the page size.
  -<a name="N10189"></a><a name="pdf_images"></a>
  +<a name="N1018E"></a><a name="pdf_images"></a>
   <h5>2.7. Images don't display in PDFs. How do I fix this?<span style="float: right"><a
   <div style="margin-left: 15 ; border: 2px">
  @@ -707,7 +717,7 @@
  -<a name="N101BB"></a><a name="index.html"></a>
  +<a name="N101C0"></a><a name="index.html"></a>
           The tab link in my site incorrectly assumes that 'index.html' is present in
           the linked-to directory. How do I fix this?
  @@ -732,7 +742,7 @@
  -<a name="N101D9"></a><a name="headless_operation"></a>
  +<a name="N101DE"></a><a name="headless_operation"></a>
           When generating PNG images from SVG, I get an error: Can't connect to X11 window
server using ':0.0' as the value of the DISPLAY variable.
         <span style="float: right"><a href="#headless_operation-menu">^</a></span>
  @@ -745,7 +755,7 @@
   <pre class="code">forrest -Dforrest.jvmargs=-Djava.awt.headless=true site</pre>
  -<a name="N101EF"></a><a name="xsp"></a>
  +<a name="N101F4"></a><a name="xsp"></a>
   <h5>2.10. How do I enable XSP processing?<span style="float: right"><a href="#xsp-menu">^</a></span>
   <div style="margin-left: 15 ; border: 2px">
  @@ -789,10 +799,10 @@
   <p>See also the <a href="http://wiki.cocoondev.org/Wiki.jsp?page=AddingXSPToForrest">AddingXSPToForrest</a>
Wiki page.</p>
  -<a name="N10226"></a><a name="old_faqs"></a>
  +<a name="N1022B"></a><a name="old_faqs"></a>
   <h4>3. Older versions</h4>
   <div style="margin-left: 0 ; border: 2px">
  -<a name="N1022A"></a><a name="unresolved_project.home"></a>
  +<a name="N1022F"></a><a name="unresolved_project.home"></a>
   <h5>3.1. When invoking Forrest 0.4 from the
           forrest.antproxy.xml, the build fails because
           ${project.home} isn't resolved.
  @@ -812,7 +822,7 @@
          &lt;classpath refid="forrest-classpath"/&gt;
          &lt;jvmarg value="-Dforrest.home=${forrest.home}"/&gt;</pre>
  -<a name="N10240"></a><a name="odd_html"></a>
  +<a name="N10245"></a><a name="odd_html"></a>
           After upgrading to 0.4 my HTML looks significantly different, and table
           widths are wrong. What happened?
  @@ -832,7 +842,7 @@
  -<a name="N10253"></a><a name="validation_error-doctype_root_null"></a>
  +<a name="N10258"></a><a name="validation_error-doctype_root_null"></a>
           When building my project, I get an validation error: Document root
             element "site", must match DOCTYPE root "null"..
  @@ -853,7 +863,7 @@
             listed to prevent an attempt at DTD-based validation.
  -<a name="N10270"></a><a name="building_error-custom_sitemap"></a>
  +<a name="N10275"></a><a name="building_error-custom_sitemap"></a>
           When building my project, I get any of these errors: 
   	menu.xmap (The system cannot find the file specified)
  @@ -868,10 +878,10 @@
  -<a name="N10285"></a><a name="general"></a>
  +<a name="N1028A"></a><a name="general"></a>
   <h4>4. General</h4>
   <div style="margin-left: 0 ; border: 2px">
  -<a name="N10289"></a><a name="generating_menus"></a>
  +<a name="N1028E"></a><a name="generating_menus"></a>
   <h5>4.1. What is the relationship between site.xml and
         <span style="float: right"><a href="#generating_menus-menu">^</a></span>
  @@ -888,7 +898,7 @@
             See <a href="linking.html">Menus and Linking</a>.
  -<a name="N102A4"></a><a name="docbook"></a>
  +<a name="N102A9"></a><a name="docbook"></a>
           How do I use DocBook as the xml documentation format?
         <span style="float: right"><a href="#docbook-menu">^</a></span>
  @@ -933,8 +943,25 @@
            for configuration guidance.
  -<a name="N102C2"></a><a name="how_can_I_help"></a>
  +<a name="N102C7"></a><a name="version"></a>
  +        How to report which version of Forrest is being used and the
  +        properties that are set?
  +      <span style="float: right"><a href="#version-menu">^</a></span>
  +<div style="margin-left: 15 ; border: 2px">
  +          Do <span class="codefrag">'forrest -projecthelp'</span> or <span
  +          to find the version number.
  +        </p>
  +          To list the properties, add "forrest.echo=true" to your
  +          forrest.properties file and watch the build messages.
  +          Doing <span class="codefrag">'forrest -v'</span> will provide verbose
build messages.
  +        </p>
  +<a name="N102DB"></a><a name="how_can_I_help"></a>
           How can I help?
         <span style="float: right"><a href="#how_can_I_help-menu">^</a></span>
  1.28      +411 -383  xml-site/targets/forrest/faq.pdf
  	<<Binary file>>

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