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Alexís Manin (Jira) [jira] [Created] (SIS-515) CRS management for SQL/PostGIS filter Wed, 07 Jul, 14:27
Martin Desruisseaux (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (SIS-509) Migrate the web site to another site generator tool Fri, 02 Jul, 09:50
Martin Desruisseaux (Jira) [jira] [Resolved] (SIS-509) Migrate the web site to another site generator tool Fri, 02 Jul, 09:52
Martin Desruisseaux (Jira) [jira] [Commented] (SIS-513) When rounding grids, allow per axis strategy instead of a single global one. Thu, 08 Jul, 12:45
Martin Desruisseaux (Jira) [jira] [Assigned] (SIS-512) Can't create transformation from wkt Tue, 13 Jul, 08:46
Martin Desruisseaux (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (SIS-512) Can't create transformation from wkt Tue, 13 Jul, 08:47
Martin Desruisseaux (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (SIS-513) When rounding grids, allow per axis strategy instead of a single global one. Tue, 13 Jul, 08:48
Martin Desruisseaux (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (SIS-457) Migrate tests to JUnit 5 Tue, 13 Jul, 08:54
Martin Desruisseaux (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (SIS-457) Migrate tests to JUnit 5 Tue, 13 Jul, 08:55
Martin Desruisseaux (Jira) [jira] [Commented] (SIS-457) Migrate tests to JUnit 5 Tue, 13 Jul, 11:12 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: fix(Storage): Prevent error on metadata creation when a feature typedeclares 0 records Wed, 07 Jul, 08:39 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (e16859b -> 7943c4e) Fri, 30 Jul, 16:49 [sis] 01/07: fix(Feature): Ensure coordinate order consistency when converting an envelope to a geometry Fri, 30 Jul, 16:49 [sis] 02/07: fix(Feature): When initializing a spatial operator, allow receiving bbox values Fri, 30 Jul, 16:49 [sis] 03/07: fix(Feature): Workaround to prevent optimisation shorting Fri, 30 Jul, 16:49 [sis] 04/07: chore(Storage): Add a test-case to verify that geometry CRS are properly synchronized (when possible) in comparison functions. Fri, 30 Jul, 16:49 [sis] 05/07: fix(Storage): better handling of CRS for spatial operators Fri, 30 Jul, 16:49 [sis] 06/07: fix(Feature): fix a corner case where an expression optimisation was not properly unwrapped. Fri, 30 Jul, 16:49 [sis] 07/07: fix(Feature): delegates expression value type conversion if needed. Fri, 30 Jul, 16:49 [sis] branch GeoTIFF updated (e1bd0d9 -> bf4cb0c) Tue, 06 Jul, 15:39 [sis] 01/05: Added an internal method for converting `java.awt.image.DataBuffer` enumeration values to `org.apache.sis.util.Numbers` enumeration values. Tue, 06 Jul, 15:39 [sis] 02/05: Add a variant of `` method for returning the data array wrapped in a `java.nio.Buffer`. Tue, 06 Jul, 15:39 [sis] 03/05: Add a Vector.fill(…) method as a convenient way to initialize the content of an array of unknown type. Tue, 06 Jul, 15:39 [sis] 04/05: Revisit GridDerivation: - Add a `GridDerivation.chunkSize(…)` method for expanding a grid extent to an integer amount of tiles. - Fix an inconsistency in the way clipping is handled by `GridCoverageDerivation`. We resolve this inconsistency by giving more control to the caller on clipping. - Deprecate some methods having a contract at odd with `subgrid(…)` methods - Documentation clarification. Tue, 06 Jul, 15:39 [sis] 05/05: Read GeoTIFF sample values from a potentially n-dimensional data cube. Whether the file has 3 or more dimensions is assumed already known; this commit does not yet include a convention for specifying that. Tue, 06 Jul, 15:39 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (0d3851e -> bf4cb0c) Tue, 06 Jul, 15:41 [sis] branch GeoTIFF deleted (was bf4cb0c) Tue, 06 Jul, 15:41 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Add the possibility to run `SelfConsistencyTest` on an arbitrary image put in the test data directory. Tue, 06 Jul, 16:19 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Apply self-consistency test on netCDF reader as well. Tue, 06 Jul, 18:07 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (699afb3 -> 0df0bc4) Wed, 07 Jul, 09:53 [sis] 01/03: Minor documentation fixes. Wed, 07 Jul, 09:53 [sis] 02/03: Fix the name of the TemporalCRS created from CommonCRS.Temporal.JAVA. Wed, 07 Jul, 09:53 [sis] 03/03: Fix a wrong transform concatenation occurring when matrix coefficients are very close to zero. Bug identified by Johann Sorel. Wed, 07 Jul, 09:53 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (0df0bc4 -> 99cafb6) Wed, 07 Jul, 11:06 [sis] 01/02: ProjectiveTransform wrongly optimized to translation when the scale coefficient is zero. Bug identified by Johann Sorel. Wed, 07 Jul, 11:06 [sis] 02/02: Avoid the use of `FeatureTypeBuilder` for keeping tests more isolated (i.e. for not being impacted by potential bugs in FeatureTypeBuilder). Use `TestUtilities.getSingleton(…)` method for checking the result. Keep `verifyCopyrightParsing(…)` close to the place where it is used. Wed, 07 Jul, 11:06 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Fix an `IllegalArgumentException` when creating a coverage with bands using incompatible units. Wed, 07 Jul, 11:12 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Values stored in `DefaultSampleDimension` should be physical values ("data values"), not the compressed values in the file ("cell values"). Wed, 07 Jul, 13:23 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (9690268 -> e33d72e) Thu, 08 Jul, 12:23 [sis] 01/02: Fix an `ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException` occurring during sample value conversions because `lastUsed` unexpectedly became negative. Thu, 08 Jul, 12:23 [sis] 02/02: Make `ResampledGridCoverage` more robust to case where the `sliceExtent` has more than 2 dimensions, and the extra-dimensions may get a size greater than 1 after conversion to source grid coordinates. Also add a margin for interpolations. Thu, 08 Jul, 12:23 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (e33d72e -> ced335d) Sat, 10 Jul, 19:14 [sis] 01/02: Try to reduce a problem of weak references cleaned too early, which caused the EPSG factory to recreate the same objects again and again. Factory is still creating more objects than we would expect during "search" operations, but the situation with this fix is a bit better. Sat, 10 Jul, 19:14 [sis] 02/02: Compute `PlanarImage.GRID_GEOMETRY_KEY` property for image read from GeoTIFF files. Sat, 10 Jul, 19:14 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (ced335d -> e1b1ae8) Sun, 11 Jul, 20:17 [sis] 01/03: Fix ColorModel creation when there is a color palette or in the interleaved case. Sun, 11 Jul, 20:17 [sis] 02/03: Fix erroneous handling of TIFF images when bands are stored in separated planes. Sun, 11 Jul, 20:17 [sis] 03/03: Make `GridGeometry.translate(…)` more robust to cases where not all properties are defined. Sun, 11 Jul, 20:17 [sis] branch visual-test updated: Give a title to image window. Display it even if the image has no "grid to CRS" transform. Sun, 11 Jul, 20:17 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (e1b1ae8 -> d853a03) Mon, 12 Jul, 15:51 [sis] 01/02: Make navigation a little bit easier in the JavaFX application by avoiding the need to expand `Aggregate` node for showing an image. Mon, 12 Jul, 15:51 [sis] 02/02: Allow to run `CoverageReadConsistency` for benchmarks instead than tests. Mon, 12 Jul, 15:52 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Make canvas more robust to missing CRS information. Mon, 12 Jul, 17:17 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (351dbc1 -> 2f900ed) Tue, 13 Jul, 11:07 [sis] 01/02: Fix broken tests. Tue, 13 Jul, 11:07 [sis] 02/02: Downgrade from JUnit 5 to JUnit 4. The mix of JUnit 4 and 5 seems to cause some tests to be ignored. Full migration to JUnit 5 will be done later: Tue, 13 Jul, 11:07 [sis] branch master updated: Redirect comments on JIRA/GitHub issues to a separated mailing list. Tue, 13 Jul, 13:48 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (2f900ed -> b26a5d7) Tue, 13 Jul, 16:53 [sis] 01/04: Re-enable test execution as a test suite. Tue, 13 Jul, 16:53 [sis] 02/04: Document `QuerySpliteratorsBench`, use some services provide by testing framework and adjust build configuration. Tue, 13 Jul, 16:53 [sis] 03/04: Document other tests. Tue, 13 Jul, 16:53 [sis] 04/04: Fix a NullPointerException when converting an array of `float` containing unmapped values. Tue, 13 Jul, 16:53 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (b26a5d7 -> 9c03b4f) Thu, 15 Jul, 16:05 [sis] 01/02: Bug fix: when `ImageRenderer` is applied on a 3-dimensional image (or more), it shall compute an offset taking in account all supplemental dimensions. Thu, 15 Jul, 16:05 [sis] 02/02: Add `GeometryWrapper.getSRID()` method. Thu, 15 Jul, 16:05 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Test also slicing in other dimensions than the 2 first dimensions. Fri, 16 Jul, 15:08 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (ac4fe06 -> 3709ff1) Mon, 19 Jul, 14:42 [sis] 01/02: Source and target dimensions should not be considered dependent when the scale factor is 0. Mon, 19 Jul, 14:42 [sis] 02/02: Add a `…)` method for comparing against an authoritative CRS already available. Contains opportunistic field renaming and localization. Mon, 19 Jul, 14:42 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Rename `SimpleQuery` as `FeatureQuery` and adapt property/method names to terminology used in OGC Filter specification ("projection" and "selection"). Tue, 20 Jul, 16:51 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (8b96787 -> d53b8a5) Thu, 29 Jul, 13:07 [sis] 01/07: Define a mapping between `GeometryType` and the integer codes used in Well-Known Binary (WKB). Thu, 29 Jul, 13:07 [sis] 02/07: Replace `DataType.ordinal()` by `DataType.toDataBufferType()` for clarity. Various javadoc fixes. Thu, 29 Jul, 13:07 [sis] 03/07: Put in place the abstract classes needed for uncompression. Support uncompressed image of bytes for testing and for the case with subsampling along X axis (in which case we can not use `HyperRectangleReader`). Thu, 29 Jul, 13:07 [sis] 04/07: Fix the case where subsampling is larger than tile size. Thu, 29 Jul, 13:07 [sis] 05/07: Add` method with capability to "compress" the sample model for skipping bands at reading time (instead of ignoring them after they are in memory). Thu, 29 Jul, 13:07 [sis] 06/07: Get `SampleModel` and `ColorModel` managed by `TiledGridCoverage` base class. Add `TiledGridCoverage.selectedBands` field and clarifications in Javadoc. Thu, 29 Jul, 13:07 [sis] 07/07: Take in account the band subset specified by the `range` argument in a call to `GridCoverage.render(…)` on a GeoTIFF image. Thu, 29 Jul, 13:07 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (d53b8a5 -> b71d71d) Thu, 29 Jul, 17:08 [sis] 01/02: Expand the support to all primitive types. Thu, 29 Jul, 17:08 [sis] 02/02: Use direct buffer by default instead of heap buffer for I/O operations. Thu, 29 Jul, 17:08 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Minor optimization for the case where the bands to read are consecutive. Thu, 29 Jul, 21:38 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Cache tiles at any resolution, not only at full resolution. Fri, 30 Jul, 08:53 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Read all tiles that are inside the requested domain at `…)` invocation time by default, but provide a `RasterLoadingStrategy` enumeration for allowing developers to keep the previous mode if desired. This enumeration is not in public API for now; we will see how it works in practice first. Fri, 30 Jul, 16:29 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (7943c4e -> 83ec78c) Sat, 31 Jul, 13:39 [sis] 01/05: Review the fix about axis order change: we still need to adapt the CRS for a change in number of dimensions. Some complexity about calculation of x and y dimensions are not needed anymore. The test is effective only if tested with an envelope of more than 2 dimensions. Sat, 31 Jul, 13:39 [sis] 02/05: Review the fix about accepting bounding boxes as filter initialization time. Move implementation to the location where decisions are done (which types to convert, wrap-around method to apply). A goal is also to keep in the same class the code that will need to be changed if we use more extensively the <G> parameter type in filter implementations. Sat, 31 Jul, 13:39 [sis] 03/05: Keep type parameterization on `Node.unwrap(…)` with a minor change for resolving a compiler warning. This is in anticipation for more extensive use of the <G> type parameterization in a future version. Sat, 31 Jul, 13:39 [sis] 04/05: Formatting, resolve compiler warning and use more specific test methods. Sat, 31 Jul, 13:39 [sis] 05/05: Reduce by one the number of exceptions created when the fallback is used or when an error occurs. Sat, 31 Jul, 13:39
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