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Message list1 · 2 · Next »Thread · Author · Date [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (5e91876 -> 8c19cc0) Sat, 01 Feb, 14:07   [sis] 01/03: Fix a NullPointerException. Sat, 01 Feb, 14:07   [sis] 02/03: Handle formatting of cell values in a separated class, for making easier to share with the table of sample dimensions (to be provided in a future commit). Sat, 01 Feb, 14:07   [sis] 03/03: Show coverage sample dimensions in a table, with min/max values and units of measurement. Sat, 01 Feb, 14:07 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Finally found the cause of header row sometime not showing. Sat, 01 Feb, 14:46 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Provide controls for cells size. Sat, 01 Feb, 15:56 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Remove the control for cell spacing since it is likely to be more confusing than helpful. Sat, 01 Feb, 17:01 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Highlight the cell under mouse position. We will provide geographic coordinates of that cell in a future commit. Sun, 02 Feb, 16:46 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Display geographic or projected coordinates of selected cell. Mon, 03 Feb, 14:40 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Fix an horizontal offset in the selected cell. Mon, 03 Feb, 14:54 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Make native (implementation-dependent) NetCDF metadata available. Mon, 03 Feb, 19:27 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: NetCDF native metadata should include attributes of variables (in addition of global attributes). Tue, 04 Feb, 10:59 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Allow special case for parsing units of measurement in GCOM-W files. Tue, 04 Feb, 11:36 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Update the values shown in GridView according the band selected in the sample dimensions table. Tue, 04 Feb, 12:08 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Add documentation on some portrayal classes. Tue, 04 Feb, 19:06 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Edit javadoc for `MapLayer`. Note: we omit the message saying that this class may change in future version; this is the case of anything in "internal" packages. Tue, 04 Feb, 22:51 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Fix a NullPointerException (bug identified by Johann). Tue, 04 Feb, 22:52 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Renamed "resource" property as "data". Wed, 05 Feb, 10:37 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Javadoc. Wed, 05 Feb, 12:03 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Javadoc clarification, second round. Wed, 05 Feb, 19:25 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Start drafting a Canvas class as the common abstraction for implementations that manage the display of MapLayer instances. Wed, 05 Feb, 22:37 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Defines the 4 fundamental properties of Canvas and document their purpose and constraint. Thu, 06 Feb, 18:03 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Rename Canvas2D as PlanarCanvas because the constraint is not only to be two-dimensional, but also to use a Cartesian coordinate system (as opposed to the coordinate system of planetarium dome for example). Thu, 06 Feb, 21:48 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Add a Matrices.createAffine(Matrix, DirectPosition) method, to be used by ongoing work on Canvas. Fri, 07 Feb, 22:47 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Add a MathTransforms.tangent(MathTransform, DirectPosition) method for computing linear approximation of a MathTransform at a given location. Sat, 08 Feb, 12:01 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Start writting the actual code for Canvas (not yet completed). Sat, 08 Feb, 17:01 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: First draft of Canvas.getGridGeometry() taking in account the supplemental dimensions (i.e. the dimensions of the Point Of Interest that are not in the objective CRS). Mon, 10 Feb, 00:00 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Complete Canvas.getGridGeometry() - not yet tested. Mon, 10 Feb, 11:59 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: First implementation of Canvas.setGridGeometry(…) - not yet tested. Mon, 10 Feb, 18:56 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Do not fire "gridGeometry" property change anymore and add documentation explaining the policy. Tue, 11 Feb, 12:21 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: First draft of Canvas.getGeographicArea() and getSpatialResolution(), and use those information when searching for a CoordinateOperation. Tue, 11 Feb, 19:00 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Document the approximation done regarding CoordinateOperationContext when changing the objective CRS or the Point Of Interest (POI). Replace the use of "Authalic radius" by "Radius of conformal sphere" at the latitude where the spatial resolution is computed. Tue, 11 Feb, 23:32 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Review the NTv2 grid reader before upgrade to multi-grid support. Opportunistically prepare to support NTv1 in addition to NTv2. Wed, 12 Feb, 15:43 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Fix a (previously random) test parameter value for avoiding random test failures. Wed, 12 Feb, 15:45 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Read all sub-grids and organize them in a tree (not yet stored). We still have to resolve the case where there is more than one root. Wed, 12 Feb, 19:50 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Change the strategy in the way the DatumShiftGrid tree is contructed by NTv2 loader. In other classes, improve a bit the documentation and the toString() result. Thu, 13 Feb, 19:12 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Port MosaicCalculator from Geotk (was named "RegionCalculator") for use by DatumShiftGridGroup, itself used by NTv2 reader when a NTv2 file contains more than one grid without common parent. The intent is to figure out how to layout the 114 sub-grids found in NTv2 file when the file provided limited information about the parent-child relationships, especially close to the root. Fri, 14 Feb, 19:42 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (8a462de -> e900738) Fri, 14 Feb, 23:55   [sis] 01/02: Refactor a bit DatumShiftGridGroup for computing sub-grid coordinates in a more direct way than using AffineTransform. This change allows us to fix a bug, where the translation that we got was not adjusted for the different size of the cell. Fri, 14 Feb, 23:55   [sis] 02/02: Renamed MosaicCalculator as TileOrganizer. Fri, 14 Feb, 23:55 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (e900738 -> ffe4da9) Sat, 15 Feb, 17:12   [sis] 01/05: Renamed TranslatedTransform as TileTranslation. Sat, 15 Feb, 17:12   [sis] 02/05: Consolidation of multi-grids NTv2 support with the addition of documentation and tests. Sat, 15 Feb, 17:13   [sis] 03/05: When a point to transform is outside all sub-grids provided by a NTv2 file, take the nearest grid. Sat, 15 Feb, 17:13   [sis] 04/05: Change the policy of DatumShiftGrid.getDomainOfValidity(): compute the envelope from cell center, not cell border. This is necessary for avoiding spurious overlaps when two grids are side-by-side (in principle without overlapping) but one grid has larger cells than the other other grid. The 0.5 cell expansion caused the grid with larger cells to overlap the grid with smaller cells. This problem happens with NTv2 datum shift grid. Sat, 15 Feb, 17:13   [sis] 05/05: Delegate the choice of NTv2 sub-grid to SpecializableTransform. With this commit, DatumShiftGridGroup.interpolateInCell(…) really become only a fallback (except during inverse transforms). Sat, 15 Feb, 17:13 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Replace the half-backed mechanism in SpecializableTransform by something closer to an R-Tree. This is not yet a "professional" R-Tree; it requires that nodes for widest areas are added first and even in those condition the tree may not be well equilibrated. But it will hopefully do the work for the foreseeing time until we implement a real R-Tree. Sun, 16 Feb, 20:49 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Add "National Transformation version 1" (EPSG:9614) operation method. Sun, 16 Feb, 23:48 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Replace `distance` method by `distanceSquared` for avoiding the Math.hypot(…) cost. Mon, 17 Feb, 09:49 [sis] branch master updated: Cherry-pick the fix from geoapi-4.0 branch. Mon, 17 Feb, 10:32
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