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Message list1 · 2 · Next »Thread · Author · Date [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (efb5039 -> 7d277eb) Thu, 01 Aug, 16:41   [sis] 01/02: Rename dφ as mcosα and dλ as msinα. The previous name were misleading since they were not displacements in degrees, but displacements in some conformal projection. The difference is a cos(φ) factor on northing values. Thu, 01 Aug, 16:41   [sis] 02/02: Take flattening in account when computing (∂y/∂φ)⁻¹. Thu, 01 Aug, 16:41 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (7d277eb -> aacd07f) Fri, 02 Aug, 17:55   [sis] 01/03: Omit redundant sinα0 field. Fri, 02 Aug, 17:55   [sis] 02/03: Convenience method for repeating a character at the end of a StringBuilder. Fri, 02 Aug, 17:55   [sis] 03/03: Create a ClenshawSummation helper class for applying the Clenshaw summation technic (recommended by Karney) on Karney equation 25. This technic has been applied in other places in Apache SIS since it happen often in map projections. Before this class, we used an OpenOffice spreadsheet for performing this summation. But Karney equation 25 is more difficult because of its dependency to another term, the third flattening factor. Using an OpenOffice spreadsheet was no longer practical. Fri, 02 Aug, 17:55 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (aacd07f -> 919c2f2) Sat, 03 Aug, 08:19   [sis] 01/04: Apply Clenshaw summation on Karney equation 25. Sat, 03 Aug, 08:19   [sis] 02/04: Now that the development of geodesic distance is completed, set STORE_LOCAL_VARIABLES debug flag to false. Sat, 03 Aug, 08:19   [sis] 03/04: Adjustment in the way iteration tolerance is determined. Sat, 03 Aug, 08:19   [sis] 04/04: Use the same latitude difference threshold for geodesic and rhumb line distances. Sat, 03 Aug, 08:19 svn commit: r1864324 - /sis/analysis/Map projection formulas.ods Sat, 03 Aug, 08:24 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (919c2f2 -> 26efb3d) Mon, 05 Aug, 11:59   [sis] 01/02: fix(NetCDF): Remove subsampling doublon when preparing grid geometry for reading. Mon, 05 Aug, 11:59   [sis] 02/02: chore(Feature): minor fix on a javadoc sentence. Mon, 05 Aug, 11:59 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (26efb3d -> e3d94ef) Mon, 05 Aug, 15:32   [sis] 01/02: Reduce the number of distinct constants by replacing some additions by subtractions. Mon, 05 Aug, 15:32   [sis] 02/02: Initial draft of Rhumb Line distance calculated using formulas published by: G.G. Bennett, 1996. Practical Rhumb Line Calculations on the Spheroid. J. Navigation 49(1), 112--119. Mon, 05 Aug, 15:32 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (e3d94ef -> ad6c9d8) Wed, 07 Aug, 15:52   [sis] 01/02: Add tests for the rhumb line equatorial case. Wed, 07 Aug, 15:52   [sis] 02/02: Rewrite Bennett equation 1 by merging ΔΨ = Ψ(φ₂) - Ψ(φ₁) in a single step. It reduces the number of calls to Math.log and Math.pow. Wed, 07 Aug, 15:52 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Apply Clenshaw summation on Bennett (1996) equation 2. Thu, 08 Aug, 06:59 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (dc53abf -> 101aa25) Fri, 09 Aug, 10:37   [sis] 01/05: Replace sin or cos(atan2(Δλ, ΔΨ)) by more direct equivalence. Fri, 09 Aug, 10:37   [sis] 02/05: Add tests for the spherical case of rhumb line. Fri, 09 Aug, 10:37   [sis] 03/05: Replace authalic radius by semi-major axis length in GeodeticCalculator. The intent is to allow GeodesicsOnEllipsoid to delegate to its parent class in the equatorial case. Fri, 09 Aug, 10:37   [sis] 04/05: Delegate to parent class for geodesic distance on equator. Fri, 09 Aug, 10:37   [sis] 05/05: Make computation of rhumb line robust to the case where longitude difference is greater than 180°. Minor formatting. Fri, 09 Aug, 10:37 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Partially revert "Omit redundant sinα0 field." This reverts parts of commit 4b6bb5fd7844d977e14957a5d618b8f91873d4f7. The reason is that the merging sinα0 into msinα2 was dangerous. It makes the code more difficult to analyse and was a cause of bug in createGeodesicPath2D(…), where msinα2 was updated by different ways than through α0 computation. Sun, 11 Aug, 14:11 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (9a32072 -> 071aae3) Sun, 11 Aug, 15:16   [sis] 01/02: More accurate rhumb line distance in test cases using values computed by Karney's online calculator. Sun, 11 Aug, 15:16   [sis] 02/02: Test rhumb line azimuth. Sun, 11 Aug, 15:16 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (071aae3 -> f2591a4) Tue, 13 Aug, 11:59   [sis] 01/02: Replace checked exceptions by unchecked exceptions in GeodeticCalculator API. Tue, 13 Aug, 11:59   [sis] 02/02: Replace RuntimeException by GeodeticException where appropriate. Tue, 13 Aug, 11:59 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: JTS : make CRS key constant public Tue, 13 Aug, 12:30 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Filter : fix sort by comparator on Iterable types Wed, 14 Aug, 08:49 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (e94684c -> 43187e6) Thu, 15 Aug, 15:41   [sis] 01/04: Documentation updates. Thu, 15 Aug, 15:41   [sis] 02/04: Rename as getName() in order to implement Function.getName(). Thu, 15 Aug, 15:41   [sis] 03/04: Rename AbstractFunction as NamedFunction with the following modifications: - `name` and `fallback` field replaced by methods to override, since they are often fixed values for a given class. - `equals(Object)` and `hashCode()` implementations inherited from parent class. - Verification that `parameters` argument contains only non-null values. Thu, 15 Aug, 15:41   [sis] 04/04: Avoid direct reference to Java Topology Suite (JTS) library from the ST_Transform class. Instead, use the Geometries intenal class which will delegate to JTS, ESRI or Java2D depending which libraries are on the classpath. This commit also relaxes restrictions on type of arguments (first expression may not be an instance of FeatureExpression, and second expression does not need to be a literal). Thu, 15 Aug, 15:41 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: CQL : add AntLR filter parser Fri, 16 Aug, 08:29 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: CQL : move all antlr specific methods in internal package Fri, 16 Aug, 09:17 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Filter ; add comparison filter tests Fri, 16 Aug, 09:36 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Filter : add Temporal filter function classes Fri, 16 Aug, 10:07 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Filter : add ST_Centroid and ST_Buffer Fri, 16 Aug, 12:37 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (aab81c7 -> 99cac87) Sat, 17 Aug, 11:42   [sis] 01/02: Fix the version number of Java Topology Suite (JTS) dependency. Sat, 17 Aug, 11:42   [sis] 02/02: More arguments verification at SimpleQuery construction time and `toString()` adjustments. Sat, 17 Aug, 11:42 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Clarify which exception may be thrown if result type of expressions can not be determined. Mon, 19 Aug, 17:20 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: When creating the FeatureType for a query or an expression, provide the FeatureTypeBuilder where the properties can be appended directly. Tue, 20 Aug, 16:58 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Improve error message if the feature type of filtered data can not be determined. Wed, 21 Aug, 08:52
[jira] [Updated] (SIS-460) Improve exception handling in filters
Martin Desruisseaux (Jira)   [jira] [Updated] (SIS-460) Improve exception handling in filters Wed, 21 Aug, 13:47 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Avoid direct dependency to Java Topology Suite (JTS) library, and adjust exceptions. Wed, 21 Aug, 16:40 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: OGC filter specification mandates that the default value of `matchCase` parameter is true. Wed, 21 Aug, 17:13 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Better handling of temporal types in comparisons. Fri, 23 Aug, 12:56 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Initial implementation of TemporalFunction. Sat, 24 Aug, 15:11 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: More tests about temporal functions. Mon, 26 Aug, 12:37 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (b4d7b41 -> a206c7b) Mon, 26 Aug, 17:28   [sis] 01/03: Verify also the ComparisonFunction name during tests, and verify at least one of the two expression operands. Recycle some previously created objects, and add comments about what is being tested in TemporalFunctionTest. Mon, 26 Aug, 17:28   [sis] 02/03: Minor reformating and test refactoring. Some module of CQL reviews will be done later (hopefully), among other for avoiding dependency to AntLR, delegate geometry parsing to JTS/ESRI library and for trying to avoid direct dependency to JTS. In the meantime, the module is available on geoapi=4.0 branch for experiment but will be excluded from Apache SIS 1.0 release. Mon, 26 Aug, 17:28   [sis] 03/03: Hide SQLMM class from public API (the function that it provides are available through DefaultFilterFactory) and refactor tests. Mon, 26 Aug, 17:28 [sis] branch geoapi-3.1 updated (c468aad -> 38edbe5) Tue, 27 Aug, 08:17   [sis] 01/01: Merge branch 'geoapi-4.0' into geoapi-3.1. Contains GeodeticCalculator implementation on ellipsoid and additional expression & filter implementations. Tue, 27 Aug, 08:17 [sis] branch master updated (c8bf605 -> 309aad8) Tue, 27 Aug, 09:30   [sis] 01/01: Merge branch 'geoapi-3.1' The main work is GeodeticCalculator on ellipsoid. The work on filters & expressions is excluded since filter interfaces are not available in GeoAPI 3.0. Tue, 27 Aug, 09:30
[jira] [Resolved] (SIS-386) Replace DefaultEllipsoid.orthodromicDistance(…) method
Martin Desruisseaux (Jira)   [jira] [Resolved] (SIS-386) Replace DefaultEllipsoid.orthodromicDistance(…) method Tue, 27 Aug, 12:56
[jira] [Updated] (SIS-405) Upgrade or remove JAXB annotations of ImmutableIdentifier
Martin Desruisseaux (Jira)   [jira] [Updated] (SIS-405) Upgrade or remove JAXB annotations of ImmutableIdentifier Tue, 27 Aug, 13:08
Martin Desruisseaux (Jira)   [jira] [Resolved] (SIS-405) Upgrade or remove JAXB annotations of ImmutableIdentifier Tue, 27 Aug, 13:09 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (a206c7b -> 90949f7) Tue, 27 Aug, 15:12   [sis] 01/02: Update dependencies. Tue, 27 Aug, 15:12   [sis] 02/02: Reduce the amount of HSQL-specific changes to SQL statements. We do not need anymore to omit "UNIQUE" keywords or to rename "CHR" as "CHAR". Avoid the "CREATE CACHED TABLE" statement by setting a default value instead. Tue, 27 Aug, 15:12 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated (90949f7 -> 25af314) Tue, 27 Aug, 19:53   [sis] 01/04: Remove the MORE_WORDS hack. It is no longer needed since we avoid using the HSQLDB-specific "CREATE CACHED TABLE" statement. A comment has been added to the `addReplacement(String, String)` method for allowing us to reintroduce this hack if we need it again in the future. Tue, 27 Aug, 19:53   [sis] 02/04: Update links in documentation. Tue, 27 Aug, 19:53   [sis] 03/04: Minor documentation update. Tue, 27 Aug, 19:53   [sis] 04/04: Spelling change: implementor -> implementer. Tue, 27 Aug, 19:53
[jira] [Created] (SIS-468) Update EPSG geodetic dataset to version 9.7
Martin Desruisseaux (Jira)   [jira] [Created] (SIS-468) Update EPSG geodetic dataset to version 9.7 Wed, 28 Aug, 09:23
Martin Desruisseaux (Jira)   [jira] [Resolved] (SIS-468) Update EPSG geodetic dataset to version 9.7 Sat, 31 Aug, 09:09
[jira] [Closed] (SIS-396) Update EPSG geodetic dataset to version 9.4
Martin Desruisseaux (Jira)   [jira] [Closed] (SIS-396) Update EPSG geodetic dataset to version 9.4 Wed, 28 Aug, 09:25 [sis] branch geoapi-4.0 updated: Avoid a NullPointerException which may happen with non-standard logging configuration. The null logging Level has been observed when using HSQL. Wed, 28 Aug, 09:31
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