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Subject svn commit: r1834094 - /sis/site/trunk/content/source.mdtext
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2018 10:14:17 GMT
Author: desruisseaux
Date: Fri Jun 22 10:14:17 2018
New Revision: 1834094

Add link to non-free data and historical tags.


Modified: sis/site/trunk/content/source.mdtext
--- sis/site/trunk/content/source.mdtext [UTF-8] (original)
+++ sis/site/trunk/content/source.mdtext [UTF-8] Fri Jun 22 10:14:17 2018
@@ -18,21 +18,23 @@ Notice: Licensed to the Apache Software
 Apache SIS source code is maintained using [Git][git] version control.
-For fetching the source code, use the following commands:
+Additional data not included in SIS releases but recommended for leveraging full SIS capabilities
+are maintained separately using [Subversion][subversion] version control.
+For fetching the source code and those additional data, use the following commands:
     git clone
+    svn checkout
-The above Git repository is mirrored on GitHub at [](
-Note that the git repository does not include the non-free data, in particular the [EPSG
geodetic dataset](epsg.html).
-Those data are currently provided only on Subversion repository.
+The above Git repository is [mirrored on GitHub][github-sis].
+The non-free data can be [browsed online][viewvc-non-free].
+Those data include in particular the [EPSG geodetic dataset](epsg.html).
 The source code repository contains `geoapi-3.1` and `geoapi-4.0` branches in addition of
 The Apache SIS releases are created from the code on `master` only.
 However the actual development occurs on the `geoapi-4.0` branch before to be merged to `master`.
 Those branches exist in order to experiment early new API and technologies — since it may
 the library design — while keeping the releases compatible with officially released environments.
 The remaining of this page gives some guidelines about the way SIS source code is organized.
@@ -106,6 +108,16 @@ Because of changes between GeoAPI 3.0 an
+History    {#history}
+All developments and tags prior Apache SIS 1.0 were done on a [Subversion][subversion] repository
+and can be [browsed online][viewvc].
+Tags for Apache SIS versions 0.1 to 0.8 should be fetched from the [SVN repository][svn-sis-tags].
+The development branches on that repository were named `JDK8`, `JDK7`, `JDK6` and `trunk`.
 Opening Apache SIS in an IDE    {#ide}
@@ -404,8 +416,11 @@ Note that a [JavaScript display engine][
 *[OGC]: Open Geospatial Consortium

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