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From Ryan Schmidt <>
Subject Missing shared library version information with scons 2.4.1 and later
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2017 21:24:57 GMT

I'm a developer with the MacPorts package management system.

When built with scons 2.3, the libserf dynamic library on macOS has current_version and compatibility_version
information recorded in it, as it should:

$ otool -L opt/local/lib/libserf-1.dylib | head -n 2
	/opt/local/lib/libserf-1.dylib (compatibility version 1.3.4, current version 1.3.4)

When built with scons 2.4.1 or later, it does not:

$ otool -L opt/local/lib/libserf-1.dylib | head -n 2
	/opt/local/lib/libserf-1.dylib (compatibility version 0.0.0, current version 0.0.0)

We were quite surprised to discover this had occurred, after we rebuilt libserf due to an
openssl upgrade, coincidentally after scons had been updated. Everything else that used libserf
then broke, complaining that it was trying to load an older version of the library than it
had been built with.

It is mentioned in the scons change log that InstallVersionedLib, which serf uses, doesn't
honor SHLIBVERSION anymore:

I have a fiery passionate hatred for scons (and refer you to the "Please consider dropping
scons" and "I now officially declare myself completely beaten by scons" threads, and also
invite you to ponder the notion that the developers of scons thought it acceptable to break
backward compatibility in this manner in a bugfix release) and don't wish to try to figure
out how to fix this. Do you have any ideas?

Here is the MacPorts bug report:

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