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Subject svn commit: r1700146 - /serf/README
Date Sun, 30 Aug 2015 17:40:18 GMT
Author: rhuijben
Date: Sun Aug 30 17:40:18 2015
New Revision: 1700146

Add a bit more history.


Modified: serf/README
--- serf/README (original)
+++ serf/README Sun Aug 30 17:40:18 2015
@@ -1,12 +1,21 @@
 This is the top of the Apache Serf project.
-The serf project started as part of the old 'Apache Commons' library in r4 of
-the ASF repository, but the project left the ASF as it wasn't big enough to
-be handled as a project of its own when the commons project closed down.
+The serf project's Subversion history started as part of the old 'Apache
+Commons' C library in r4 of the ASF repository in September 2003. When this
+library project closed down Greg Stein and Justin Erenkrantz continued
+development on the serf library outside the ASF, but kept the requirement that
+every committer needed an Apache Contributer License Agreement, to allow
+moving back to the ASF.
+In August 2004 Serf development continued in the privately hosted repository
+at, where it shared a repository
+with several other projects for some time (until r1061). In August 2006 the
+project moved to a google code repository at
 After many years at googlecode the repository there was closed down/made
 read only when Google decided to stop hosting third party projects there. At
-that point the project came back to the ASF as a project of its own.
+that point the project came back to the ASF as a top level project of its own.
+(Yes this happened in August too)
 A revision translation table of the import from google code to the ASF
 repository is inserted at the bottom of this file. During this import, the

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