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From Tim Barham <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Ripple release 0.9.28 RE: [VOTE] Ripple release 0.9.28
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2015 04:08:34 GMT
Ross - about the KEYS file... I was wondering how that usually gets included. I've noticed
the KEYS file is always included in the root of a project's Apache archive, and sometimes
seems to be in version control and sometimes not. I've added a KEYS file to the same folder
that contains the package and supporting files (and I'll also check it in), but I'm not sure
that's what I should be doing. I've also now added my key fingerprint to my Apache account
(so now it shows up in



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From: Christian Grobmeier [] 
Sent: Friday, April 17, 2015 7:29 PM
Subject: Re: [Vote] Ripple release 0.9.28 (Attempt 2)


I am very sorry for being late to the party!

Tim, could you let me know where I can find the signature keys?

I couldn't find BD12A00B3D7CC134. Usually we have it in some KEYS file somewhere and should
document for users how they can verify the release.


On Wed, Apr 8, 2015, at 15:07, Tim Barham wrote:
> Please review and vote on the release of Ripple 0.9.28.
> Changes since the previous vote thread: this is a new package that 
> contains all source material (everything in the git repo), and no 
> build output.
> The package you are voting on is available for review at 
> It was published from its corresponding git tag:
>      incubator-ripple: 0.9.28 (1d95fed542)
> Since this will be an official Apache release of Ripple (our first!), 
> we must be particularly careful that it complies with all Apache 
> guidelines for an incubator release. As such, before voting +1, please 
> refer to and verify compliance with the checklist at 
> If anyone has concerns that we don't meet any of these requirements, 
> please don't hesitate to raise them here so we can discuss and make 
> changes if necessary.
> If you do give a +1 vote, please include what steps you took in order 
> to be confident in the release.
> Please also note from Ross's recent email:
> > What we need is three +1 "binding" votes, in reality that means 
> > three IPMC members. Once a project graduates it means three project 
> > management committee members. However, as a mentor (therefore having 
> > a binding vote) I look to the project participants to indicate their 
> > preference and (assuming no blocking issues on an IP check) I'll 
> > always vote in support of the communities non- binding votes.
> So please, even though your vote may not be binding, take some time to 
> review the release and vote!
> Upon a successful vote, we will arrange for the archive to be uploaded 
> to dist/incubator/ and publish it to NPM.
> I vote +1:
> * I verified build works and tests all pass
> * I ran Apache RAT against the repo and confirmed we were ok with all 
> files reported by RAT (which I'll be adding to RAT exceptions when I 
> add tools to run RAT automatically).
> Thanks,
> Tim

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