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From Gord Tanner <>
Subject Re: ripple-emulator build refactor
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2014 00:26:08 GMT
The main reason we switched to a ripple function was that we were having issues when people
would use require calls and frameworks in their apps. 

I would prefer we kept using the ripple method as it seemed a new require framework is created
and used in an app every week or so ;)

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> On Jan 26, 2014, at 5:37 PM, Roman Shtylman <> wrote:
> I originally emailed Brent and he advised me to mail the dev list with my comments and
> While working on a cordova app, I found ripple an indispensable tool. However, I found
that the build system and initial setup was more cumbersome than I would like. If I wanted
to fix something in the client code I would need to rebuild and re-run the server. The build
system also made it harder for someone to install my fork directly since it seems that built
files are published to npm and a repo clone cannot be used as is.
> This led me to refactor the emulator server to build the client files on demand (as well
as the dialogs, overlays, panels). All of this is accomplished via middleware in the express
> Here is an overview of some of the changes.
> - The special “ripple” function in the client files was replaced with a regular require.
> - Other express server cleanups
> - removed all the build files
> - removed some file that seemed stale to me
> - update README with simplified install directions
> - simplified the xhr proxy via http-proxy module
> - simplify injecting the “cordova.js” bootstrapping before serving the “cordova.js”
> You can actually try this version out by cloning it, running "npm install” and then
just “./bin/ripple”
> Or you can actually install directory via npm:
> “npm install -g courseoff/ripple-emulator”
> The above works because no build is required as all of the items are injected inflight.
> TODO: 
> - update remaining files (I was only interested in making cordova work).
> - tests
> I personally only care about cordova, but if there is interest in accepting this work
and having me cleanup some other things (I probably broke some features I don’t use). I
am happy to continue the fixes.
> Happy to answer any questions about these changes. Please cc me in responses as I am
not subscribed to the list yet.
> cheers,
> ~Roman

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