Hello David,

Thanks for your reply.


I have created new user testjetspeed. Other admin functionalities are working fine except Credential. Also, the ETL migration was successful in our environment.


User enabling & disabling works fine but none of the radio button functionality works. I checked in database as well, it does not update the values for the respective field. Hope this helps you.








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> On Jun 10, 2015, at 12:46 AM, Dnyaneshwar Dabhade <dnyaneshwar.Dabhade@majesco.com> wrote:


> Hi Team,

> We have a project which we are migrating from Jetspeed 2.1.3 to Jetspeed 2.2.2.  While testing portal admin functionalities we found that below option are not working. ( These options are part of User Crendential Section).

> 1.       active,

> 2.        expired,

> 3.        extend

> 4.       unlimited

> Can anyone please help if they came across such issue and found resolution or workaround for it.


Is there supposed to be a screenshot attachment here? I don’t see it


I’ve tried the User Credentials with Jetspeed 2.3.0 (trunk prerelease) and the functionality seemed to be working from the UI on a fresh install For example, if I disable the account from User Administration for a user, that user cannot login and gets the message:


"This user account its password is disabled.”


Have you ran the ETL Data Migration described here for 2.1.x -> 2.2.x migrations?




Are you seeing any error messages?

Also, these user credentials fields should be in the database in the SECURITY_CREDENTIAL table, here is generic XML representation of the schema for that table.


Can you see if your data for these fields were migrated correctly?



    <column name="CREDENTIAL_ID" primaryKey="true" required="true" type="INTEGER"/>

    <column name="PRINCIPAL_ID" required="true" type="INTEGER"/>

    <column name="CREDENTIAL_VALUE" required="false" size="254" type="VARCHAR"/>

    <column name="TYPE" required="true" type="SMALLINT"/>

    <column name="UPDATE_ALLOWED" required="true" type="BOOLEANINT"/>

    <column name="IS_STATE_READONLY" required="true" type="BOOLEANINT"/>

    <column name="UPDATE_REQUIRED" required="true" type="BOOLEANINT"/>

    <column name="IS_ENCODED" required="true" type="BOOLEANINT"/>

    <column name="IS_ENABLED" required="true" type="BOOLEANINT"/>

    <column name="AUTH_FAILURES" required="true" type="SMALLINT"/>

    <column name="IS_EXPIRED" required="true" type="BOOLEANINT"/>

    <column name="CREATION_DATE" required="true" type="TIMESTAMP"/>

    <column name="MODIFIED_DATE" required="true" type="TIMESTAMP"/>

    <column name="PREV_AUTH_DATE" required="false" type="TIMESTAMP"/>

    <column name="LAST_AUTH_DATE" required="false" type="TIMESTAMP"/>

    <column name="EXPIRATION_DATE" required="false" type="DATE"/>

    <foreign-key foreignTable="SECURITY_PRINCIPAL" name="FK_SECURITY_CREDENTIAL_1" onDelete="cascade">

        <reference foreign="PRINCIPAL_ID" local="PRINCIPAL_ID"/>


    <index name="IX_SECURITY_CREDENTIAL_1">

        <index-column name="PRINCIPAL_ID"/>







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