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From Joachim Müller <joac...@wemove.com>
Subject New User/Group/Role Management Portlet
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 23:39:52 GMT

I want to create new User/Group/Role Management portlets that are easier
to use/understand. The main requirements are:

- easy to understand UI
- simple but powerful query interface
- paging for the principal results list
- be able to work with 10.000+ users in terms of memory/performance

To accomplish the requirements I would like to introduce a
JetspeedPrincipalLookupManager with the method:

JetspeedPrincipalResultList getPrincipals(JetspeedPrincipalQueryContext

The JetspeedPrincipalQueryContext holds all possible query parameters
(principal name, attributes, asscoiatedRoles, asscoiatedGroups,
asscoiatedUsers, sort order, paging parameters, etc.).

The JetspeedPrincipalResultList encapsulates the actual list of detached
JetspeedPrincipals and the total number of results.

The JetspeedPrincipalLookupManager will be implemented using plain JDBC
because paging the result set is not/poorly supported by OJB. Database
specific LookupManager implementations can be plugged in via Spring and
can handle database supported paging (like MySqls LIMIT) but there is a
default implementation that uses plain JDBC for paging the result set.
The DB platform is derived from OJB, there is no extra config parameter
to take care of.

I am planing to plug the JetspeedPrincipalLookupManager into the
JetspeedSecurityPersistenceManager via Spring.

Any comments on that plan? Anything I have to be aware of?

Thanks for any comment,

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