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From David Sean Taylor <d.tay...@onehippo.com>
Subject Re: ΑΠ: CAS authentication / authorization
Date Wed, 19 Aug 2009 19:42:49 GMT
On Jul 22, 2009, at 12:09 PM, Vlachogiannis Evangelos wrote:

> Hi list,
> I think I have found some solutions (attached).
> - for allowing public pages to be visible to guess user and also  
> allow jetspeed users (not CAS user like admin) to login I have  
> introduced a folder "caslogin" and configured CAS filter with  
> pattern "/portal/caslogin". So only then the user is being  
> redirected to the CAS authentication service. I simply provide a  
> login link with url "/portal/caslogin"
> - my second problem was about users that appear in CAS but not in  
> jetspeed. I have developed a filter that when such a login takes  
> place, jetspeed creates a jetspeed user with same username and  
> default roles and pages.
> - my 3rd problem was logout. When a user logout need to be logout  
> both from jetspeed2 context and CAS. For that I have slightly  
> modified the jetspeed logout servet.
> That’s all for now.. Please let me know for any better solutions.
> Thanks,
> Vangelis
Hi Vangelis,

[Sorry for the late response, on vacation]

I downloaded your zip and will try to review it over the next week or  
so, as Im interested in a CAS solution. If it looks good I would like  
to contribute it to the project

I've created a JIRA issue for you to track:


> ________________________________________
> Από: Evangelos Vlachogiannis [evlach@aegean.gr]
> Αποστολή: Τετάρτη, 22 Ιουλίου 2009 6:55 μμ
> Προς: Jetspeed Developers List
> Θέμα: Re: CAS authentication / authorization
> I would like to ask if Portaladministation.registeruser created also
> userfolder and create appropriate permissions so that the user can
> personalize its pages (Add portlets e.t.c.)

Yes it can. There are a number of params on registerUser's 3 signatures:

void registerUser(java.lang.String userName,
                   java.lang.String password,
                   java.util.List roles,
                   java.util.List groups,
                   java.util.Map userInfo,
                   java.util.Map rules,
                   java.lang.String template,
                   java.lang.String subsiteFolder)
                   throws RegistrationException
Registers and creates a new user, assigning userInfo, roles, groups,  
profiling rules and a folder template. If any values are null,  
defaults are used from the system wide configuration.


userName - Unique user principal identifier
password - Password for this user
roles - A list of roles to assign to this user
groups - A list of groups to assign to this user
userInfo - Portlet API User Information Attributes name value pairs  
rules - A map of name value pairs of profiling rules. Well known rules  
names are 'page' and 'menu'
template - The full PSML path name of a folder to be deep copied as  
the new user's set of folders, pages, links
subsiteFolder - The subsite folder to place the new user in
Since:2.1.2 registerUser
So if you specify the subsiteFolder to point to a site path, such / 
_user/templates/mytemplate, it will copy that template to the new  
user's home 
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