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From Lance Zhang <lzhan...@yahoo.com>
Subject Jetspeed Questions regarding WebSphere
Date Mon, 27 Jul 2009 21:24:01 GMT

I am trying to get Jetspeed to run on the WebSphere 6.1.

I have the following questions:

1.    I want to know if there is any packaged DLL existing to create schema and pre populate
the DB for Oracle.
2.jetspeed-2.2.0.jar was not found.was thrown when i use the jetspeed-db:ddl plugin.
3, i installed the 2.2 using the jar installer, and using the ant task migrated to Oracle,
then connect using WebSphere. While i started the websphere, there is an error, PortletContext.getContainerRuntimeOptions()
Class Element not found exception. After some research, the WAS 6.1 has its own portlet container,
and its class were loaded at the root of the class loader hierarchy. This method is new to
the Portlet 2.0 spec and therefore, it doesn't work.
4. I tried the above method using 2.1.3, and i am able to run the Jetspeed. However, i found
there is a new issue, i am trying to connect the tomcat version and WebSphere version to the
same Oracle DB. and i found i can only start one of them, not both. the reported error relates
to the checksum of the j2-admin and then all the portlets has to be de-registered. My questions
is will the jetspeed run in clustered environment? If i have 2 WebSphere nodes connecting
to one Oracle DB, will that work?
5. While i am running Jetspeed in WebSphere, i enabled j2EE security on WebSphere. Then i
found out the admin and the devmgr user ids are no longer working. I have add those 2 ids
in LDAP with correct password, is there anything else i need to do to enable these?



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