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From Evangelos Vlachogiannis <evl...@aegean.gr>
Subject Re: CAS authentication / authorization
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2009 08:35:31 GMT
Hi again,

thnx for the response. I use jetspeed 2.2 but I do not want to talk 
directly to the LDAP.
I am introducing a filter based on PortalFilter (see attached 
CASPortalFilter.java implementation in order to: 
- get the username of authenticated user -> done
- if username does not appear in portal db -> create new user with 
username and assign default group/roles (in future I plan to introduce a 
mapping mechanism)
- put principal in portal context

Problems till now:
- exception (see attached exception.txt) Any help ??
- As the CAS filter has a url-pattern="/*" (see web.xml) how can a user 
see public pages without being redirected to CAS
Any help would be appreciated.


David Sean Taylor wrote:
> On Jul 19, 2009, at 8:47 AM, Evangelos Vlachogiannis wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> I would like to ask if anybody has integrated CAS (Central  
>> Authentication Service - http://www.jasig.org/cas) with Jetspeed-2.
> I don't have any experience with CAS but I have integrated similar  
> solutions such as Shibboleth.
>> Here is my problem situation:
>> CAS sits"in front" of an LDAP server of my university that I do not  
>> have "write" permissions. The meta I use from ldap is the  
>> credentials and some information of users' role in university (like  
>> student, instructor e.t.c.). What I need to do is to login in  
>> jetspeed portal from jetspeed login form and through CAS to validate  
>> authentication for all services under jetspeed. However, as I cannot  
>> store anything in ldap I need somehow to initialize an existing user  
>> stored in ldap in jetspeed database. An idea is to do that on first  
>> login by introducing some mapping rules (any help how to do that?).  
>> Another problem which I cannot overcome using CAS java clients  
>> filters is how to allow public access, as the filter will always  
>> asks for authentication under /portal/.
> We do have a LDAP replication solution in 2.2. What version of  
> Jetspeed are you using?
>> Any ideas, help more than welcome,
> It would be a valuable contribution to have CAS support or at least  
> documentation in Jetspeed at some level.
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