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From Randy Watler <wat...@wispertel.net>
Subject Adding Required Spring Categories Metadata for Filtering
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2009 14:30:53 GMT

I have been pondering how to add a switch type flag to be used to select 
cross component technology implementations within the Spring 
configurations for J2. I am pondering categories like 'ojb' and 'jpa'. 
To be honest, I really am not convinced that filter/categories is the 
greatest solution, but I am trying to work with it.

The filtering logic seems to be strictly an 'OR' operation. In other 
words, if any category defined in the meta data matches the current 
category set, the bean is included. Selecting cross concerns like 'ojb' 
or 'jpa' might be easier to specify as an 'AND' operation. Basically, I 
want to say something like: "use this bean only if a specific category 
is defined" in addition to the existing categories logic.

I am doubling down on the complexity for sure, but I am wondering if 
this approach would have any objectors? Perhaps it is already 
implemented? Just checking first before I go down the path. All feedback 


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