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From Randy Watler <wat...@wispertel.net>
Subject JPA_BRANCH status
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2009 19:03:35 GMT
The JPA_BRANCH has a more or less complete snapshot of working JPA 
1.0/JTA replacement for all components that use OJB persistence. All the 
ported components have JPA unit tests that are configured with custom 
Spring configurations. At the moment, there is no portal-level spring 
configuration, (i.e. J2 spring category), to swap out OJB for JPA. The 
extended/conversational transaction support requires some customization 
in the portal pipeline that has not been implemented. Once these two 
items are addressed, we should be able to fire up a JPA/JTA based portal 
in short order. Of course, there will be bugs since our unit test 
coverage is not 100% comprehensive. That said, I'm nearing completion of 
this tour-de-force.

The JPA_BRANCH is slightly out of date, but I plan on merging updates 
when the latest Portlet 2.0 updates make there way into trunk for the 
registry. I will then start the final steps outlined above.

Here is a list of the minor open issues that also need to be resolved:

1. make jetspeed-rdbms test jars to remove abstract test cases from 
component jars and set default jndi/atomikos properties for unit tests.
2. cleanup resources that currently reside in src/main/java that belong 
in src/main/resources.
3. refine distributed cache update/notifications to filter by types to 
ensure DBPM updates are not triggered by other persistence unit commits.
4. reduce logging levels in log4j.properties files for OpenJPA, Spring, 
and Atomikos packages in unit tests.
5. test forced distributed cache commit updates implemented in security 
component, (principal associations/permission updates need to clear 
remote query cache to ensure updates to principals are not hidden).

More work to do, but we're getting there!


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