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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject Re: Portal build problems
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2008 21:56:00 GMT

On Aug 7, 2008, at 2:06 PM, peeper wrote:

> David Sean Taylor wrote:
>> Maven-2 can be a little difficult to figure out when something goes
>> wrong. Recommend reading the "book". I have a copy of the Maven-2
>> online book, a free download from Sonatype:
>> It used to be available here:
>> http://www.sonatype.com/book/
>> But I don't see it there now, weird.
> Thanks. The book is still there (
> http://www.sonatype.com/book/pdf/maven-definitive-guide.pdf Maven  
> Definitive
> Guide ), but there appears to be problems with the page containing  
> the book
> links.
Glad you found it.

> David Sean Taylor wrote:
>> Please create a JIRA issue for any bugs you find in the tutorial
> Will do, though I'd be interested to get involved with development  
> and I'm
> not shy of documentation :-)
You can always contribute by sending patches. That is the "apache way"  
of doing things. More info found here:


We write the documentation in a really simple XML format called 'xdocs'


> David Sean Taylor wrote:
>> Hmmm, that is cryptic.
>> Which version of Maven are you using? Try upgrading to the latest
>> version.
> I have the latest version of maven available to me from the Ubuntu
> repositories, which is 2.0.8. Looking at the change logs of the latest
> release (2.0.9), none of the "bugs fixed" appear to be likely fixes  
> for this
> problem - but you never know!
> Any further suggestions very much appreciated.
2.0.9 is required for building Jetspeed trunk (2.2). For 2.1.3 and the  
tutorial, I think you are fine with 2.0.8 although its untested.
I will be testing the 2.1.3 release build here shortly on a 'clean  
machine' against 2.0.9 and a new tutorial Im planning to contribute  

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