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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject Fwd: Jetspeed-2.2: major refactoring of the security model and api ahead
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2008 19:43:28 GMT
The cross post got me. I meant for this to go to jetspeed-dev.

Begin forwarded message:

> From: David Sean Taylor <david@bluesunrise.com>
> Date: August 29, 2008 11:58:28 AM PDT
> To: "Jetspeed Users List" <jetspeed-user@portals.apache.org>
> Subject: Re: Jetspeed-2.2: major refactoring of the security model  
> and api ahead
> Reply-To: "Jetspeed Users List" <jetspeed-user@portals.apache.org>
> Ate,
> Im just getting back online after a few days without my main computer.
> Shouldn't we be merging back JS2-869, and then branching the  
> security-refactoring off of that ?
> On Aug 29, 2008, at 7:26 AM, Ate Douma wrote:
>> David Taylor, Vivek Kumar, Woonsan Ko, Dennis Dam and myself have  
>> been discussing some major steps for improving and enhancing the  
>> Jetspeed Security API and integration support for external  
>> authorization providers (like LDAP).
>> While we're still underway with refactoring out the Java  
>> Preferences usage (JS2-869), there are several other parts of our  
>> current security model and api which are are not as easy in usage  
>> and configuration or extendable and customizable as we would like  
>> it to be (see for example JS2-870, JS2-872 and JS2-873).
>> Our primary goals for the next major steps in solving these issues  
>> are:
>> - Flattening the principal API and model:
>> currently Jetspeed uses 3 separate object layers for this, for  
>> example User, UserPrincipal and InternalUserPrincipal
>> the goal is to collapse these three layers back into one
>> - Allow pluggable extensions to, or even completely new,  
>> (Jetspeed)Principal types besides the currently supported
>> User, Group and Role principals.
>> Support for security (principal) entities like Organization,  
>> Project, Workspace etc. should be easily added without
>> impacting the core security API and allow *transparent* usage of it  
>> out of the box (like with the JetspeedSerializer)
>> - Associations between principals are currently managed within the  
>> code and configuration (separate "table" for each).
>> With future (yet unknown) Principals to be added to the security  
>> layer, a flexible association solution is needed.
>> - Full external authorization provider support (like LDAP).
>> The current LDAP support is not complete (like permissions or  
>> preferences/attributes cannot yet be mapped to LDAP),
>> and the abstractions put in place to support different back ends  
>> has impacted the API
>> (least common denominator effect).
>> We need a new solution which allows *transparent* support for an  
>> external authorization provider while keeping our
>> core security API clean and simple (see also the first bullet)
>> - As solution for the above goal, we've decided the best way to  
>> resolve it is basing our new security api and model
>> *only* on the database engine (allowing for a much more efficient  
>> and effective API), and providing integration with-
>> an external authorization provider through synchronization and  
>> replication only.
>> This means: from Jetspeed POV at runtime it *only* looks at the  
>> database for authorization (not authentication).
>> - Last but not least, the above goals *will* have a major impact on  
>> both the core security API, the database model and
>> the configurations.
>> But, we will strive to refactor the current main security APIs  
>> (User, Role, Group, Permission, and their Managers)
>> as much as possible back to (or on top of) the new API to keep the  
>> impact minimal as we can.
>> We will be working together on realizing the above goals the next  
>> few weeks in the new "security-refactoring" branch which itself is  
>> branched off the JS2-869 branch. Once this new branch stabilizes  
>> out we intend to merge (or swap) it with the trunk.
>> And, after getting the new security model and api working, there  
>> are only a few additional changes we'd like to get done before  
>> starting with putting out the jetspeed 2.2 release:
>> - Pluto 2.0 integration (see: JS2-871)
>> - replace OJB with OpenJPA (unsure: might need to be pushed back to  
>> after jetspeed-2.2)
>> And still, with all of that, our target for the 2.2 release is  
>> before (or at) ApacheConUS 2008 (November this year) :)
>> Any support and feedback will be very much appreciated.
>> With regards,
>> Ate,
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