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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject Unofficial announcement: new trunk Maven-2 build solution and online docs available!
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2008 22:01:32 GMT
Dear developers community,

I've just committed some major changes and enhancements for the trunk Jetspeed-2.2-SNAPSHOT
build system.
See: http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JS2-895

These changes will mean anyone using and building against the trunk will have to adjust a
few things.
I've spend the last week writing documentation for this *new* Maven-2 build system which I've
put temporarily online here:


I invite anyone interested to read the new docs, and especially read the rationale for the
latest changes:


The core of the new build system is based on a new plugin, jetspeed:mvn, which is thoroughly
documented here:


I haven't been able to complete all the needed documentation yet, in particular the docs for
the jetspeed-db and 
jetspeed-deploy plugins still need to be written, but I don't have time left for that anymore
as I'm leaving
on a three week holiday Sunday morning...

Anyway, I think I covered a lot of ground already and for those willing to try it out, another
page describing
how to build the trunk from source (and build/deploy the jetspeed-demo portal) is available


Finally a last warning: I also didn't have time anymore to update the current jetspeed-archetype,
so *don't* expect
it to work right away! But, with the now available documentation and example configurations
like for the
jetspeed-demo portal it shouldn't be too difficult to adapt a current/new custom Jetspeed
Portal to the new
build system. Maybe Niels (who contributed the current jetspeed-archetype) can spend a few
hours on upgrading?
I'm sure David or Dennis are more than willing to commit it ;)

As soon as I'm back from my holiday I'll do my best to complete the rest of the docs ASAP
as well as bringing the 
jetspeed-archetype project up to date (if still needed...).

In the mean time, good luck everyone with the new Maven-2 build, and comments, suggestions
and patches (including for 
the docs and jetspeed-archetype!) will be very welcome.

With kind regards,

Ate Douma

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