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From David Jencks <david_jen...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] jetspeed-2 svn restructure to support separate lifecycle for the j2-admin application (and others)
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2008 07:04:45 GMT
david jencks

On Feb 20, 2008, at 1:49 PM, Ate Douma wrote:

> Dear all,
> The last months there have been several discussions about moving  
> the j2-admin portlet application out of the main jetspeed-2 trunk,  
> such that it can be
> maintained and managed as a separate release artifact.
> The primary reasoning behind this is that many integrators and  
> other custom portal developers have separate usages for the  
> Jetspeed Portal as base product and
>  sometimes don't need j2-admin or otherwise need to extend it to  
> their own needs.
> Additionally, the j2-admin application by itself only depends on  
> the jetspeed-api and is not (and/or should not) be directly tied to  
> the core implementation of
> the portal. As such, it doesn't need to be part of the core portal  
> release cycle and could benefit greatly of a release cycle of its  
> own. Enhancements and
> bugfixes to j2-admin can then be released independently of the  
> portal release cycle and thus won't have to wait until a new  
> version of the portal is ready.
> To better facilitate these needs I'm proposing the following root  
> jetspeed-2 svn restructuring:
> 1) create (at least) the following new root svn folder: /portal/ 
> jetspeed-2/portal
> 2) move the current trunk, branches and tags folders under this new  
> root portal folder
> 3) promote (move) the current trunk/applications folder as a new  
> root svn folder: /portal/jetspeed-2/applications
> 4) create (at least) new standard svn "management" folders trunk,  
> branches and tags under /portal/applications/j2-admin/
> 5) move all other existing files and subfolders of the j2-admin  
> folder under its new trunk folder
> After these steps, the new jetspeed-2 svn structure will look like  
> this:
> /portals/jetspeed-2
>   /applications
>     /demo
>     /gems
>     /j2-admin
>       /branches
>       /tags
>       /trunk
>     /rss
>  /portal
>    /branches
>    /tags
>    /trunk
> Concerning the other applications folders, demo, gems and rss: we  
> are currently discussing (in the PMC) an additional restructuring  
> which might result in these
> to be moved elsewhere shortly too. But as no final decision has  
> been made yet, until then we will keep them in the proposed location.
> In addition to the svn restructure, we will also need a new JIRA  
> project for j2-admin to be able to properly maintain and track its  
> own lifecycle and maintenance.
> Proposed JIRA project key: J2-ADMIN.
> Besides these changes, we will have to decide how to manage our  
> website maintenance in the future. Until the last release 2.1.3,  
> all the website documentation
> was generated with maven-1. As we are in the process of replacing  
> the maven-1 build system with a brand new maven-2 one, we will have  
> to setup our website
> generation anew anyway. The current idea is to keep generating the  
> main site documentation from within the (new) portal sub project,  
> and integrate the separate
> j2-admin documentation within that using the maven-2 site plugin  
> which is supposed to be able to do so.
> This hasn't been tested out yet, but as many other Apache projects  
> have a similar svn structure with multiple independently released  
> artifacts, we will find a
> way to do so. One possibility or requirement might be to add an  
> additional root "site" folder to host a master site project  
> configuration.
> Finally, once we have this new svn structure in place, setting up  
> additional (portal independent) root folders and projects will  
> become easy to do as well.
> Envisioned already are a maven-2 master pom project and a general  
> maven plugins project.
> But for now, the issue at hand is the restructuring as outlined above.
> So please vote:
> [ ] +1 Yes, perform the svn restructuring and create new JIRA  
> project J2-ADMIN
> [ ]  0 Don't care
> [ ] -1 No, do not restructure svn as outlined. Provide reasons and  
> alternatives.
> Thanks,
> Ate
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