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From Carsten Ziegeler <cziege...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [RT] Spring Configuation
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2007 00:16:24 GMT
Just a quick answer - I'm still on vacation but couldn't resist to check
mails... :)

Ate Douma wrote:
> The Cocoon Spring configurer (or something similar) could be used to
> make this more flexible/extended, although I agree with Dennis we might
> want to make that more "project" independent, e.g. not looking for
> cocoon specific folders like META-INF/cocoon/ etc., but that should be
> easy enough to do.
Oh, yes - that's currently "cocoon" but we used that to separate it from
"META-INF/spring" which is partially used by spring, and the spring
configurator is right now a sub project of cocoon :)
If we would somehow use this code, we could (and should) change that of
course. (Keeping compatibility for cocoon would be easy as well).

> For the above situations, our current override solution, nor something
> like the Cocoon Spring configurer can provide a real solution.
Yes, and Cocoon needs a solution for this as well :) But currently we
haven't thought/discussed this yet...

> I really wonder why such a conditional XML Schema extension isn't
> provided by Spring already. Of course, I haven't actually tried to write
> this yet, but it seems quite plausible to do so.
I wrote several XML handlers for spring and I think this should be
rather easy to do.
I thought about this a little bit. One key feature of all this is to
make the decision at run time (like you proposed) - there shouldn't be
any build time decisions - this will keep the implementation free from
using specific build environments like maven.
Another idea I had was to use a directory layout (these are just rough
ideas I haven't thought yet up to the end, but I wanted to throw them in
as early as possible), so for example something like
/META-INF/spring-config/*.xml  <- general beans

And then a property will define if for CATEGORY_A ("CATEGORY_A" is the
name for the category) "foo" or "bar" is used. This could also be done
using the xml handler (like we use currently for the cocoon spring
configurator), so you can write something like this in your own
spring.xml bean configuration:

Don't quote me on the exact syntax, but I hope this roughly makes my
ideas clear :)

Okay, and now back to sunbathing for another week :)

Carsten Ziegeler

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