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From Dennis Dam <d....@hippo.nl>
Subject broken test TestPortletPlacement
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2007 16:06:49 GMT

I was looking at the broken testcase TestPortletPlacement, which tests 
the recently (heavily) refactored PortletPlacementContextImpl. The 
constructor of PortletPlacementContextImpl was changed, so I added some 
JMock objects to account for this, see the attached patch.

*however*, the tests are still broken, and this is something I don't 
know how to fix, because I don't know the specs are. The problem: the 
mock test data has 1-based column numbering, but the 
PortletPlacementContextImpl seems to need a 0-based column count ( see 
the method getColumnFromFragment() ). The result is that the column with 
column nr. = column-count is reset to column-count - 1, which results in 
all fragments from both column 1 and 2 ending up in the same column.

What should the behaviour be, columns must be 0-based ? In that case all 
the column nrs in FragmentUtil and TestPortletPlacemen must decreased by 1.


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