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From "Mohan K" <kmoh....@gmail.com>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Jetspeed-2.1.2
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2007 12:20:55 GMT
Good Stuff!

-----Original Message-----
From: Ate Douma [mailto:ate@douma.nu] 
Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 8:30 PM
To: Jetspeed Developers List
Cc: Portals PMC
Subject: [VOTE] Jetspeed-2.1.2

A Jetspeed-2.1.2 build has been cut and is available as indicated below.

The Jetspeed-2 team considers this a quality build which we're proposing for
GA release.

The results of this vote will be posted no earlier than 72 hours from the
time this email is sent.
3 +1 votes from Apache Portals PMC members will be required to meet quorum,
but all community members (committers, contributors, and users) are invited
to vote. 
  We welcome any comments you may have, and will take all feedback into


* http://people.apache.org/~ate/jetspeed-2.1.2.tar.gz
* http://people.apache.org/~ate/jetspeed-2.1.2-installer.jar
* http://people.apache.org/~ate/jetspeed-2.1.2-demo-installer.jar

Release Notes - Jetspeed 2 - Version 2.1.2

** Bug
     * [JS2-282] - Error when session expires and portlet window is
     * [JS2-471] - Document Derby as the default database
     * [JS2-484] - UserDetailsPortlet doesn't "see" newly added roles until
after logging out and in again
     * [JS2-502] - cannot disable user
     * [JS2-512] - Profiler admin portlet can not display other language
except English.
     * [JS2-525] - Roles and Groups appear in the User Details portlet when
having been deleted
     * [JS2-566] - Tapestry portlet's header doesn't display in jetspeed
     * [JS2-580] - localization SSO Details portlet
     * [JS2-657] - Installer fails with firewall
     * [JS2-660] - Request attribute not available in jsp when using the
     * [JS2-661] - Error in the antinstall-config script
     * [JS2-665] - Duplicate Objects creation
     * [JS2-667] - Portlet Selector is not returning to the correct page
after navigation
     * [JS2-668] - Adding Portlets to multiple layouts always adds to the
top level layout
     * [JS2-669] - Site Manager Admin portlet does not allow copying of a
resource into the same folder where it exists
     * [JS2-670] - Fragment Security Constraints only check View Mode
     * [JS2-674] - Site component fails on profile navigations for subsites
     * [JS2-675] - Site Manager Admin portlet: cannot view pages located via
profiling rules with navigations or controls
     * [JS2-681] - Login portlet doesn't run in Tomcat ROOT context
     * [JS2-682] - Jetspeed thread waiting to lock for infinity time
     * [JS2-687] - jetspeed deployment engine removes
WEB-INF/tld/portlet.tld from portlet app web archive
     * [JS2-688] - Unable to use Jetspeed services
     * [JS2-689] - Spring Bean Factory creation of Prototype (non-singleton)
beans causes serious performance degradation under load
     * [JS2-690] - Caching issue with Print Mode
     * [JS2-692] - Fragment ids are not automatically created, causing
runtime errors
     * [JS2-693] - Portal Site Manager  error in java script for button
     * [JS2-694] - actionResponse.sendRedirect("some psml page.psml") fails
on the desktop
     * [JS2-696] - Creating actionURLs on the desktop with javascript: tags
in them fails
     * [JS2-697] - Maximized mode overlaps as popup on desktop
     * [JS2-698] - Minimized mode functions only in un-tiled state on
     * [JS2-699] - When going back from view mode to edit mode, icon is not
always updated on desktop
     * [JS2-703] - Remove Print Mode Window Decoration on Desktop
     * [JS2-705] - Desktop window dragging mouse position offset bug
     * [JS2-714] - Filter Admin users from delegated-security portlets
     * [JS2-717] - MenuElement interface does not support getUrl method
     * [JS2-718] - forgot pass portlet: password reset link does not work
     * [JS2-719] - Default ehcache configuration is setup for distributed
operation which will fail the portal to startup when no network is available
     * [JS2-725] - Dociumentation mismatch
     * [JS2-727] - Appy Findbugs patches
     * [JS2-733] - Desktop: non-movable portlets are deletable
     * [JS2-735] - Jetty-6 ConcurrentModificationException on logout
     * [JS2-737] - Desktop doesn't work on IE 6.0
     * [JS2-745] - File System Page Manager does not accept folders with

** Improvement
     * [JS2-584] - enable adding Velocity context objects without
     * [JS2-672] - Add createProperty API to the Preferences Provider
     * [JS2-673] - Set sql.src.path value in the project.properties
     * [JS2-680] - Folder configuration form at a page edit area
     * [JS2-683] - Folder/Page customizer improvement
     * [JS2-685] - Add functionality to AJAX API to information about users
     * [JS2-695] - The Desktop does NOT support the no-action layouts
     * [JS2-700] - Display loading in progress message from desktop
     * [JS2-701] - Package and compress the Jetspeed Desktop Javascript
     * [JS2-702] - Optimize desktop menu loading
     * [JS2-707] - When creating a new user, give option to create inside a
     * [JS2-709] - Update to latest dependencies
     * [JS2-711] - Support JSP decorators as well as Velocity
     * [JS2-712] - Create new servlet session upon login (configurable)
     * [JS2-713] - Put a hard-limit on session time-out for portal sessions
     * [JS2-721] - Ability to determine if a Menu Option has a default page
or not
     * [JS2-723] - Option to configure DB PSML from the installer
     * [JS2-739] - Improve Algorithms for Resource Validation and Template
     * [JS2-740] - Allow overriding the default Spring assembly without
having to modify it
     * [JS2-741] - More GroovyPortlet demos using the new Portals Bridges
     * [JS2-747] - A valve creating template pages when a user logs on

** New Feature
     * [JS2-317] - Virtual Portal Implementation
     * [JS2-691] - Allow user to customize all his pages and portlets (in
user home folder) at once
     * [JS2-716] - PSML and XML Import / Export Admin Portlet
     * [JS2-724] - Audit logs for administrative actions
     * [JS2-728] - Provide a Portals Bridges
common.PortletResourceURLFactory implementation for Jetspeed
     * [JS2-729] - Preliminary Portlet API 2.0 ResourceURL support allowing
full response control like for cookies and compressed output streams
     * [JS2-732] - A GroovyPortlet demo using the new Portals Bridges
     * [JS2-743] - Maximize on Edit

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To unsubscribe, e-mail: jetspeed-dev-unsubscribe@portals.apache.org
For additional commands, e-mail: jetspeed-dev-help@portals.apache.org

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