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From "Sie, Yang" <yang....@fmr.com>
Subject RE: JS2.1 preference issue
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 17:26:06 GMT
Hello David:

We tried your suggestion. It did *not* bring the old preferences back.
Any more suggestions?

Thank you.


>-----Original Message-----
>From: David Sean Taylor [mailto:david@bluesunrise.com] 
>Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2007 1:49 PM
>To: Jetspeed Developers List
>Subject: Re: JS2.1 preference issue
>Try this setting in registry.xml:
>        <!--
>             All preferences were shared. With JS2-449, preferences  
>are now
>             stored 'per user'. The username is stored in the  
>preferences FULL_PATH
>             To turn on mergeSharedPreferences configure this  
>property to true
>             This will NOT turn off per user prefs,
>              but instead merge with them, where user prefs override.
>             boolean
>           -->
>         <constructor-arg type="boolean">
>             <value>true</value>
>         </constructor-arg>
>Let me know if that brings the preferences back.
>We can then further discuss how we want to handle this, either with a  
>conversion utility or SQL, or just leave it as is
>When the preferences are stored, they will be converted over to the  
>new paths
>On Apr 4, 2007, at 8:20 AM, Sie, Yang wrote:
>> Hello all:
>> We are trying to upgrade to JS2.1 code base (from 2.1-dev of July  
>> 2006)
>> and found an issue with existing user preferences.
>> All existing users preferences came up with nothing even 
>thou the data
>> are in the prefs_property_value table. What happened was 
>that we don't
>> use JS2's user management and sign on modules, the no-principal is
>> always shown in the prefs_node table. However, the new JS2.1 
>code base
>> stores user preference with our users id. Therefore the no- 
>> principal is
>> no longer used/stored in the prefs_node table. Example:
>> In our existing DB, the full_path filed in prefs_node table:
>>    portlet_entity/538/no-principal/preferences/searchVal/values
>> In new schema, the full path becomes:
>>    portlet_entity/538/aBadgeID/preferences/searchVal/values
>> Therefore, the existing preferences for existing users are no longer
>> showing.  To correct this, these are what we have in mind:
>> 1. Write SQL scripts to scan entire table to update every single
>> person's preferences (use badgeID to replace the no-principal). We  
>> have
>> tried this with one user and it worked fine. However, given the
>> complexity of the tree structure of the data and the amount of data,
>> this approach could potentially introduce errors.
>> 2. We found out that in Serializer JSEntityPreference
>> (org.apache.jetspeed.serializer.objects.JSEntityPreference) it
>> mentioned: if ((s == null) || (s.length() == 0)) s = "no- 
>> principal";  We
>> thought we maybe able to customize this class to get something.  
>> Without
>> looking into details, is this the only place? Is there a 
>> file to achieve this?
>> 3. initDB, we didn't think this can be counted on since each time we
>> initDB, all user preferences, as well as their  customized page  
>> layouts
>> and fragments, will all be gone. It is too clean!
>> 4. Create our own preference provider in a long term.
>> Please advise on the best and quickest way to handle this situation.
>> Thank you.
>> ---Yang
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