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From "Sie, Yang" <yang....@fmr.com>
Subject JS2.1 preference issue
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2007 15:20:58 GMT
Hello all:

We are trying to upgrade to JS2.1 code base (from 2.1-dev of July 2006)
and found an issue with existing user preferences. 

All existing users preferences came up with nothing even thou the data
are in the prefs_property_value table. What happened was that we don't
use JS2's user management and sign on modules, the no-principal is
always shown in the prefs_node table. However, the new JS2.1 code base
stores user preference with our users id. Therefore the no-principal is
no longer used/stored in the prefs_node table. Example:

In our existing DB, the full_path filed in prefs_node table:
In new schema, the full path becomes:

Therefore, the existing preferences for existing users are no longer
showing.  To correct this, these are what we have in mind:

1. Write SQL scripts to scan entire table to update every single
person's preferences (use badgeID to replace the no-principal). We have
tried this with one user and it worked fine. However, given the
complexity of the tree structure of the data and the amount of data,
this approach could potentially introduce errors.

2. We found out that in Serializer JSEntityPreference
(org.apache.jetspeed.serializer.objects.JSEntityPreference) it
mentioned: if ((s == null) || (s.length() == 0)) s = "no-principal";  We
thought we maybe able to customize this class to get something. Without
looking into details, is this the only place? Is there a configuration
file to achieve this?

3. initDB, we didn't think this can be counted on since each time we
initDB, all user preferences, as well as their  customized page layouts
and fragments, will all be gone. It is too clean!

4. Create our own preference provider in a long term.

Please advise on the best and quickest way to handle this situation.

Thank you.


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