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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject Re: proposal for war assembly reorganization
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2006 20:43:48 GMT

Sorry for the late response, but I was hoping that more people would 
comment on this. Really like your idea of moving optional stuff to a 
resource bundle module. That makes a lot of sense and is much clearer to 
understand than tying into the build cycle and copying stuff around.

> Currently I'm using a maven plugin from geronimo that jason dillon
> wrote to help with the resource bundles.  If people don't like this
> geronimo dependency we can simple copy the plugin into jetspeed or
> see if we can get it into m2.

Best to get it into Maven, but we can add a Geronimo dep, no problem, 
same family :)

> I have some other questions about the build...
> Is the maven 1 stuff still used? Can I delete it? Can I reorganize
> the modules to standard m2 dir structure? (such as src/main/java
> instead of src/java) Can I rename the modules so they match the
> artifactId?  This lets you remove a bunch of cruft from the poms.

My concern is that we are all working hard towards a 2.1 release, don't 
want to do anything to de-stablize the build at this point. And we 
certainly cannot get rid of the Maven-1 build at this point, nor can we 
change the directory structure as its perpetuated itself into a large 
number of custom builds. So my conclusion is that I think its best to 
hold off on this until after the 2.1 release, when we will officially 
remove the Maven-1 build. At that time, I would also like to consider 
any other restructuring and reworking of the build to be more Maven-2 
compliant. Quite a few people have commented that they don't like having 
all the separate projects for each component, and would prefer to just 
have one big jetspeed-2-portal.jar. We can have a vote on that issue as 
well. But pre-2.1, we can't leave our Maven-1 user base hanging until we 
provide a clear migration path for them, delineated by an official release.

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