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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject Re: BUG: Portal Site Manager (NullPointerException)
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 14:22:57 GMT
Michael Boss wrote:
> I have completely removed the JS, maven cache and updated to the revision
> (453273).
> I didn't overridden this property (portals-bridges-framework) in my
> buil.properies
> In projekt.properties is written:
> portals.bridges.frameworks.version=1.0.1-dev
> It still does not work for me.
> Here is install log (the portals-bridges-framework JAR is not present in 
> log
> ):


> j2:pam.admindeploy:
> j2:deploy:
> j2:warDeploy:
> j2:_check.dep:
>    [echo]  fullName is org.apache.portals.jetspeed-2/wars/j2-
> admin-2.1-dev.war
>    [echo] repo is 'http://www.bluesunrise.com/maven/'
>    [echo] trying to download
> http://www.bluesunrise.com/maven//org.apache.portals.jetspeed-2/wars/j2-admin-2.1-dev.war

Here is the problem...

I thought you build J2 from source, but apparently you're using a plugin build.
The j2-admin-2.1-dev.war at bluesunrise repository isn't updated yet though and that's why
you keep getting the same 

For now, the quickest solution is to (just) build J2 trunk yourself locally so your maven
local repo will have the 
latest build artifacts. Just do maven allBuild from a clean checkout of the J2 trunk.
Thereafter, you can rebuild and deploy your own custom portal.

HTH, Ate

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