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From "Aaron Evans" <aaronmev...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: JSP vs. Velocity?
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 19:18:32 GMT
I have the same issue.  I have learned to live with Velocity for the
moment, but I plan on replacing my velocity templates with JSP when I
have time.

One beacon of hope: If you look at the SVN head, the desktop theme
decorators have been  implemented using JSP and I think that should
provide an adequate guide to writing a regular decorator in JSP (I

Scott, I know we've had this discussion before and I'm not knocking
velocity, I'm just saying that to many folks they just don't want to
learn yet another technology and would prefer to work with what they


On 8/25/06, Langley, John <langleyj@telcordia.com> wrote:
> Although the docs on the website suggest that JSP pages could be used as templates for
Jetspeed layout... has anyone tried this? Is it really practical?
> It appears that psml (which as I currently understand is intimately related to velocity,
but then I haven't poked around too much) would be lost, which means you'd lose the current
customizer functionality, etc. Right?
> I'm just trying to get a handle on how big a job it might be to do an alternative layout
scheme and what would have to be "re-coded".
> Naturally my problem is the additional effort related to learning Velocity, etc. when
what I really want to do is work with JSF/JSP and a Portal and not get hung up in things like
"Where is $site.getMenu() defined and why I find it?"
> Thanks in advance for any insights people can provide.
> Langley

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