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From zb ...@bisp.com>
Subject codec patch
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2006 03:21:07 GMT
Dear Ate:

	Thank you for your works in jetspeed2, But I just found a bug in the
code, the file path is

The problem is when you encode params, you write number of params with:
but when decode you use:
[line 479]parameterValueCount = Integer.parseInt(buffer.toString(), 16);
These will make decode expected more parameters than is should be,so
when I use ActionResopnse.setRenderParameter(key, values) where values
is a String[] with length >= 10 will cause the reusult of values to be
empty. The reason is decoder expected more parameters without set the
parameter Map on line 489 when parameters exhausted.

Because I don't know the whole structure of jetspeed2, and I'm not sure
whether I found the real problem, but when I change 16 to 10, I can get
right parameters in render stage. So I submit this patch to you, the
author of the program, and hope it will be helpful.

Best Regards,


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