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From David Jencks <david_jen...@yahoo.com>
Subject Some more questions about permissions, apps, and deployment
Date Sun, 01 Jan 2006 09:44:07 GMT
I'm still working on understanding the jetspeed security model and  
how the same level of functionality might be exposed from the  
geronimo (or other) JACC system.  I have a few questions that  
although probably rather dumb might help me understand where to head.

1. Is the intended functionality that the "portal" gets deployed with  
no portlet apps available, and then at arbitrary later times any  
number of portlet apps get deployed and registered with  the portal,  
or is the idea that all the portlet apps start at the same time as  
the portal, before any user requests  appear?

2. IIUC a "page" is, well, a psml file describing a page layout, and  
these occur in "folders" which are in fact directories in the portal  
app.  Are these all specified before deployment of the portal or can  
they be modified/created/removed while the portal is running?  If  
they can be modified, does the modification need to occur in the same  
"transaction" as changes in permissions?  In other words, does there  
need to be a way so that a user request sees either the old state  
with the old permissions or the new state with all new permissions?

3. It seems to me that the permissions divide into two types: page/ 
folder/fragment permissions that go with the portal, and portlet  
permissions that go with  the portlet app.  From this point of view,  
the role >> page permission or principal >> page permissions maps  
would be (initially) specified upon deployment of the portal, whereas  
the role >> portlet permission or principal >> portlet permission  
maps would be specified (initially) upon deployment of the portlet  
app.  Is there anything wrong with this point of view?

david jencks

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