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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject Re: Reorganizing Jetspeed repository (Was Re: Some mean-spirited whining about the build...)
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 01:35:07 GMT
Raphaël Luta wrote:
> David Sean Taylor wrote:
>>Raphaël Luta wrote:
>>>What about simply moving the applications code to a different SVN branch,
>>>so that core and apps are checked out separately.
>>><snip opion 1 & 2>
>>>/portals/components/ -> core portal components
>>>    /trunk
>>>    /branches
>>>    /tags
>>>/portals/applications/ -> useful apps
>>>    /trunk
>>>    /branches
>>>    /tags
>>>/portals/demos/ -> demo stuff
>>>    /trunk
>>>    /branches
>>>    /tags
>>>/portals/jetspeed-2 -> full jetspeed 2 portal
>>>    /trunk
>>>        svn:externals components /portals/components/trunk
>>>        svn:externals applications /portals/applications/trunk
>>>        svn:externals bridges /portals/bridges/trunk
>>>        svn:externals demos /portals/demos/trunk
>>>(ie manage everything in separate hierarchies and tie everything under
>>> jetspeed-2 using svn externals property)
>>Should a propose a formal vote on this reorg?
> Before a full blown proposal suitable for a vote I think there are quite
> a few detaiuls to work out, like:
> - making sure the svn:externals actually work as expected in the ASF setup
Question: how are we going to provide specific tags and/or branches for jetspeed-2
with such "trunk" links inside a tree?
I'm no svn guru, but it seems like that won't be a simple svn copy action then anymore.

> - which mailing list(s) gets commits messages for the various directories
> - getting some input from other stakeholders like Pluto guys or Cocoon
> portal guys (possibly Geronimo) about the optimal directory breakdown

I don't want to restart the discussion we had about this subject last month on
the general@ list, but I'd like to see a more architectural discussion first which
components are to be considered not j2-specific or portals generic before we
start moving things around.

> - figure out a build system that actually works on such a beast
I definitely would like to see it working first!

Maybe we can create something like a "/reorg-test" branch copied from our /portals root
to test these things out?


>>Also remember that we have an installer now, and Ate is working on
>>enhancements to that
After being offline for a considerable time I'm going to look into the installer again
starting tomorrow.
I already have several changes and fixes locally which involves moving back to the izPack
installer (now fully ASF 2.0 compliant).
I found ant-installer immature and not comparable feature-wise with izPack by far.

> Cool, I will have to try it one of these days... :)

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