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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject Re: About bug-fixed: JS1-542 ---Torque OM jar generation per backend database
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 07:57:51 GMT
JiLong Rao wrote:
> This is a question about the bug-fixed JS1-542 working on jetspeed-1.6.
> We have been using jetspeed-1.5 with good connection to Oracle-8i, 9i, 
> and 10g. Only problem we met initially is that it was failed when 
> adding new user from admin page. The problem was solved by modifying 4 Java 
> source files in org.apache.jetspeed.om.security.turbine.map package. 
> The point is just to have them working with the oracle sequence.  Since 
> then, the connection with oracle and “add new user” function has been 
> working very well. Unfortunately, same problem comes out when we are 
> trying jetspeed-1.6 now.   
> I am assuming that the problem might be solved solidly by bug-fixed: 
> JS1-542 using particular jetspeed-torque-om-1.6.jar per database. I 
> download the one for oracle from 
> http://www.bluesunrise.com/maven/jetspeed/distributions/torque-om/oracle
> And replace the original jar with the new jar, then rebuild jetspeed. 
> After successful deploy, the connection to oracle is fine based on 
> correct settings in torque.properties.merge file. Unfortunately, it is still 
> failed whenever adding new user from admin page. I then check the 
> directory of %home%/.maven/repository/jetspeed/…… I find that all 
> jetspeed-1.6 zip files, jar file, and pom file have been updated but the jar and 
> pom files for jetspeed-torque-om-1.6 keep unchanged.  
Which torque om file is in your deployment?
Not sure how you are building, but once you deploy, the Oracle torque om 
file must be deployed, and only that torque om jar.

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