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From Apostolidis Apostolos <apos...@csd.uoc.gr>
Subject URGENT : GET/POST argument encodings
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 17:15:39 GMT
    Hi all. I am trying to post some input data via submitting a form.
The input language is greek , but i have set the encoding (from the
layout-responsible default.jsp to the specific portlet i am using)
to UTF-8. When the form submits, i use  the code below :

java.net.URLEncoder.encode( input, "UTF-8" ) (to encode the parameter to UTF-8)
java.net.URLDecoder.decode(input, "ISO-8859-7") (to decode the parameter to ISO-8859-7)

but the output I get is uncomprehendable (probably the encoding was messed 
up from the begining). Does anybody now if Jetspeed handles GET/POST 
events and encodes input fields by itself? Note that the portlet I am 
using produces a perfect output if it is used outside the Jetspeed context
(i.e. in the Tomcat ROOT folder).

Thanx in advance

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