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From Juan Núñez Jaramillo <j...@efetepe.org>
Subject Re: Cache problem
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 15:52:47 GMT

Randy Watler wrote:

> Juan,
> There have been reports of this and similar issues cropping up as of 
> late. Just to clarify:
> 1. Is it PSML pages you are modifying under a running instance of J2, 
> or portlet preferences?

I'm modifying a skin.

> 2. Does the problem persist across multiple users or within a single 
> user session?

It doesn't matter whether I access without login or with login. It seems 
that since Tomcat is running the first time a skin is loaded, it is 
cached, and stays so until restarted.

> 3. If the problem is limited to a single session, does it span browser 
> sessions?

It does span. I've jetspeed in my laptop, and I've tried from Mozilla, 
Firefox, Konqueror and Internet Explorer, both in my laptop and in my 
desktop computer, the information still persists.

> 4. How large is your site in general, (does it have more than 100 
> distinct PSML files)?

It's just the simple default jetspeed downloaded from the SNV built and run.

> 4. If I read your report correctly, restarting Tomcat does NOT always 
> clear the issue up?

I've rechecking to assure. Don't know what I did wrong before, but now, 
restarting Tomcat does work.

> Thanks for helping us pin this down,,,
Thanks to you for helping me too :D

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