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From Randy Watler <wat...@wispertel.net>
Subject Re: Portlet Menus
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2005 14:31:53 GMT
David Sean Taylor wrote:

> Randy Watler wrote:
>> David,
>> I am pondering this now... do you want to have any limits on the 
>> portlet sets to be addressed in a page? In other words, do we want to 
>> limit it to a single dynamic portlet per page that can have N single 
>> portlet selections, or do we want to go richer than that and allow 
>> all kinds of named portlet and layout options per page? Soemthing in 
>> between like allowing N dynamic portlets? Just trying to establish 
>> the limits of this facility and when multiple pages should be used 
>> instead.
>> Thoughts?
> I would think the 'Dynamic Portlet' is really a layout.
> And that the layout is a portlet.

Cool. We are really then proposing some kind of Dynamic Layout Portlet 
of extending the new menu implementation, no? So do you imagine some kind of
selector attribute on the fragment tags nested within the layout portlet 
fragment that
uses a portlet preference to select 1 to N portlets? Something like this:

<fragment id="0" type="layout" name="jetspeed-layouts::DynamicLayout">
    <fragment id="0.0" type="portlet" name="myApp:Portlet0">
        <property layout="DynamicLayout" name="selector" value="view0"/>
    <fragment id="0.1" type="portlet" name="myApp:Portlet1">
        <property layout="DynamicLayout" name="selector" value="view1"/>

Here I'd expect that this configuration would specify a layout with 2 
'view0' and 'view1', (in that order). I'd imagine that we could use a user
specific preference or session variable to save the current setting. 
That way,
we would nto need to maintain the current selection on the url. Of course,
we could add some kind of url support to allow external references to the
individual views.

Am I on the right track here?

> In Jetspeed1 we supported nested menus.
> So you could have card controller inside a card controller inside ... 

So in this case, we could have nested Dynamic Layout Portlets, no?

> Regarding multiple pages, I think they can always be used in instead
> For example you would just have one portlet per page

Right. Complex dynamic pages can always be implemented with some 
combination of individual pages and dynamic portlet.


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