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From David Le Strat <dlest...@yahoo.com>
Subject [J2] Build Process Clean Up - Step 2
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2005 02:13:54 GMT

I have kept on going with the build process clean up,
here is my proposal for step 2:

Overview of Proposed Changes.

As part of step 2 of the build process clean up, I
propose to centralize most of the Jetspeed 2 custom
goals to the Jetspeed 2 Maven Plugin.  The reasons for
doing so are multiple:

1. Provide better reusability of common build goals. 
Users creating a new portal application should be able
to leverage Jetspeed 2 Maven plugin for common build
2. Provide the ability to quickly get started with a
portal application.  A new target j2:genapp.portal
will be created to create a shell portal application. 
The developer of the new application can reuse the
Jetspeed 2 Maven plugin goals for common build
operations for quickStart, portlet deployment, etc.
3. Prepare for a migration to M2 in the future.  With
M2, custom goals are encapsulated in plugins,
maven.xml is deprecated.  By centralizing most of the
Jetspeed 2 build goals to the Jetspeed 2 Maven plugin,
migration to M2 should be much easier.

In addition, I proposed to remove the site directory
as it duplicates application documentation. 

It would also be a good idea to revive the
documentation framework discussion, and centralize the

documentation location, Raphael had a forrest proposal
out there, why not.  We could also stick with Maven,
but in any case, we should clean things up and improve
docs.  I remember reading about a Documentation
project going on leveraging the WIKI.  Could we
clarify the approach (xdocs, WIKI, both?)?

Finally, as part of this clean up, I have moved a few
things around, most notably the /src/sql and
/src/schema directories that are now part of

Please find below a much more detailed description of
the clean up proposed.  I look forward to your


David Le Strat.


Move the following targets from /maven.xml to

- start.production.server now called
- start.test.server now called j2:start.test.server
- db.execute now called j2:db.execute

- Moved copy.shared.deps to j2:copy.shared.deps

- db.scripts.gen now called j2:db.scripts.gen
- db.test.properties now called j2:db.test.properties
- db.production.properties now called
- db.create.test now called j2:db.create.test
- db.create.production now called
- db.create now called j2:db.create
- db.recreate now called j2:db.recreate

- db.drop.test now called j2:db.drop.test
- db.drop.production now called j2:db.drop.production
- db.drop now called j2:db.drop
- db.drop2 now called j2:db.drop2
- db.drop.oracle now called j2:db.drop.oracle

Move the following targets from /portal-webapp to

- catalina:base-shared moved to
- catalina:shared moved to j2:catalina.shared
- Removed db.execute. Duplicated in plugin.
- Removed db.test.properties. Duplicated in plugin.
- Removed db.production.properties. Duplicated in
- Removed catalina:base-shared. Duplicated in plugin.
- Removed catalina:shared. Duplicated in plugin.

- Delete portal-webapp/src/sql.  Not used.

- Moved deploy to maven plugin j2:portal.deploy

- Moved fullDeploy to maven plugin j2:fullDeploy
- Moved nodbfullDeploy to maven plugin
- Moved minDeploy to maven plugin j2:minDeploy
- Moved nodbMinDeploy to plugin j2:nodbMinDeploy

- Moved pam.* to maven plugin j2:pam.*

Clean /maven-plugin maven.xml:

- Removed copyDb target. Not need anymore.  SQL files
were relocated.
- Removed db.execute. Duplicated in plugin.
- Remove db.create. Duplicated in plugin.

Clean all maven.xml

- Removed deployJar.  Moved to maven plugin
- Moved shared deployJar target to maven plugin

Update Getting started documentation.

- maven initMavenPlugin allClean allBuild is now
required instead of maven allClean allBuild if 
the latest version of the maven plugin is not
- I also provide documentation on how to set up the
latest version of the plugin without requiring a J2

Documentation Changes.

- Deleted site.  Currently duplicate of xdocs.
- Updated allSite target to generate multiprojects
site.  This is not working.  Any suggestions on this
is appreciated.

Creation a new portal application.

- j2:genapp.portal Documentation

- Add to build.properties in {user.home}:
    - org.apache.jetspeed.genapp.groupId=testportal
    - org.apache.jetspeed.genapp.name=My Test Portal
    - org.apache.jetspeed.genapp.currentVersion=1.0
- Get started with new project: maven j2:genapp.portal

David Le Strat
Blogging @ http://dlsthoughts.blogspot.com

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